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Business Suit

  Business Suit The man’s business suit is an emblem of official power and professional identity, suggesting a life free from physical toil. The three-piece suit, allowing for differences of cut and fabric, has been the basis of the male wardrobe since the last quarter of the seventeenth century. The loosely cut knee-length coat, embellished… Read More »

Errors of men when creating their outfits

Which errors men commonly do when creating their outfits? Men are more concerned about fashion, trends and being impeccable when making their outfits, but there are some common errors that some might still be making without even being conscious about it, today we will help you pointing out those mistakes to see if you are… Read More »

Cone Denim

Cone Denim Purchases Additional Harvest Of US Grown Natural Indigo Cone Denim is pleased to announce it has purchased the most recently harvested crop of U.S.-grown natural indigo. Natural Indigo Selvage Denim was first introduced by Cone Denim in July 2015 when it partnered with Stony Creek Colors for the exclusive supply of natural indigo… Read More »