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Advertise your business

Ways to advertise your business You should be doing market research and writing a marketing plan. This includes measuring your efforts and only continuing if it’s working. Some popular and easy options to consider are: Use the local press Consider placing an ad in a local weekly newspaper, that is delivered free around your area.… Read More »

Administrate your company’s information

How to administrate your company’s information Your business creates a huge amount of information every day, and knowledge is power, but it is also important to know how to administrate that information, which can create a competitive advantage for any businessman. “It is important to have a correct system that will administrate the information of… Read More »

Tax Advantages

Tax Advantages of a Corporation There are several tax advantages available to corporations:  Medical insurance for families may be fully deductible. Retirement plans, such as a tax-deferred trust can be set up as fringe benefit and may be tax deductible for the corporation. Losses are fully deductible for a corporation, whereas an individual running a… Read More »

Dollar’s influence in Mexico

How does the change on dollar influence on the Mexican industries? The change on the dollar’s cost generates different type of reactions that can either benefit or affect different industries at Mexico, which is the neighboring country with a very closed business relationship. Today we will explain further how different sectors in Mexico are influenced.… Read More »