Tips to choose the best jeans for you

By | March 1, 2017

Tips to choose the best jeans

Tips to choose the best jeans for you

In the past, buying a pair of jeans was easier as most of them were used for work wear only; however, as fashion evolves, so did jeans and there are plenty of different types available nowadays, making the task to choose the right pair more difficult, but do not worry, as we will show you in this article some tips that will help you deciding for the best pair of jeans for you.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, advised about this topic: “With so many different styles, fits, washes and colors of jeans, it is easier for every person to find the pair of jeans that will go well with their own style and the rest of the clothes on his or her closet, as this is a very versatile fabric”.

The following tips will help you choosing the best jeans next time you will go on shopping:

  • Know your body shape – When you recognize what type of body you have, it will be easier to find the perfect pair of jeans. Remember there are many different tips, each one for different types of bodies, so choose the one that will flatter your shape.
  • Choose the shade – If you want to add more volume to your body and you want to wear your jeans for casual looks, choose the ones with lighter tones. Keep in mind that the darker shades on your jeans will help you looking thinner and are perfect when you want a formal look, and to wear them at the office.
  • Try with different sizes – One thing to keep in mind when you need to buy a pair of jeans is that the size will vary from brand to brand, so you might want to try on a different size than what you usually wear. Also remember that jeans stretch out, so if they feel loose, they will probably feel bigger after a few months, so make sure they fit perfectly.
  • Hide your tummy – If you want to hide your tummy, the high rise jeans are perfect, and your waist will look smaller.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal also added: “Jeans become more popular every year as more people are realizing about how versatile, affordable and resistant they are. Jeans have become a basic garment for many persons who are adding them to their wardrobe”.