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Outfits for men with jeans


Trendy outfits for men with jeans

There is no doubt that jeans are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe, and there are many different ways to combine them and make incredible outfits with them. In this article, we will show men how to look very trendy with a pair of jeans.

“Jeans are one of the most popular garments for men and women, they are comfortable, versatile, affordable, resistance among many other characteristics that make them unique”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Here are some different combinations with jeans for men who love looking trendy:

  • You can get a pretty cool look if you combine a pair of skinny, low rise jeans in ocher color with a loose t-shirt and sneakers. This is a very trendy look that you must try.
  • If you like the urban style, wear a pair of tight jeans with printed t-shirts and comfortable footwear to go out to the streets.
  • If you want to feel comfortable with your jeans but still love looking fashionable, combine a loose fit pair of jeans with a plaid shirt, but remember to tuck your shirt in your pants.
  • For a trendy look, combine your distressed jeans with your favorite shirts or t-shirts.
  • You can also get outfits for semi-formal events with a pair of jeans, but you need to make sure you combine neutral tones.
  • A pair of jeans that are semi-tight are essential on men’s closets. These jeans are classic and you can easily make a good outfit with them by adding something as basic as a white t-shirt.

“There are plenty of different ways for men to combine their favorite jeans on a daily basis, as this fabric adapts to every style, color and textile you combine them with”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Outfits for children with denim

Outfits with denim for children

Outfits for children with denim

If you love dressing your children in a very fashionable way, this article is for you, as we will give you some tips to dress them with denim and make them look extra adorable.

“Denim is a very comfortable fabric that is worn in persons of all ages and in many different outfits, as they combine perfectly with everything”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Here are some looks with denim that you will want to try with your children, nephews or little cousins:

  • You can dress your little kid with much style by combining a pair of jeans with a dress shirt and brown boots.
  • For a very relaxed look, dress your child with a khaki pair of jeans, a striped t-shirt and white sneakers.
  • Grey jeans look amazing on your children; combine them with a white t-shirt and a winter hat to create a skater look.
  • If you want your daughter to look very stylish, dress her with a pair of loose jeans, cuff the hem and complement the outfit with a cream colored blouse and a trench coat.
  • Denim shorts are perfect for summer, dress your little girl with white denim shorts and a striped t-shirt in blue and white colors.
  • A denim dress is perfect for your daughter; do not forget the accessories that will make her look like a fashionist, such as a beach hat and sunglasses.
  • This is a perfect outfit for your little boy, combine a dark navy pair of jeans with a black coat, and a dress navy shirt, and complement the outfit with black shoes.

“There are plenty of different ways to combine a denim garment, as it goes well with any colors and textiles and all the family can add garments of this fabric to their wardrobe”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Combining a denim coat

Combining a man’s denim coat

Denim has surprised us many times with its versatility and today is not the exception, we have seen many different garments manufactured with this fabric but this time we will talk about a men’s denim coat. Have you tried it on? If not, you might want to do it after reading this article.

“There are plenty of different garments made with denim, such as jackets, coats, vests, shirts and, of course, jeans, all of them very easy to combine with the garment in your closet”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Male elegance has a new member: a denim coat. Here are some suggestions about how to add this garment to your outfits:

  • With a shirt – This is the perfect combination for a casual but yet very elegant look. You can combine your denim coat with a plain or plaid shirt, and do not forget your handkerchief and brown shoes if you want to look very nice, you can try with this outfit if you have an important appointment, but if you want to keep it casual, forget about the tie.
  • Layering – This style has captivated the attention of men who love looking fashionable, if that is your case, use your denim coat in your favor and combine it with a plain shirt and a cardigan. Do not forget your color jeans.
  • With a t-shirt – If you want the comfort of a t-shirt, but do not wish to look informal, add a denim coat to your outfit. If you wear a white tee, you can complement your look with a good pair of jeans.

“A denim coat, just like most of the garments manufactured with this fabric, are timeless, meaning you can wear them all year long, this is a basic garment for a man’s wardrobe”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

New trends for this year

New trends for this year

New trends that will fill out the streets this year

2016 was a great year for fashion and 2017 promises to bring new styles that will mark trends on the street styles, so keep on reading to know more about this topic.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, advised about this topic: “Denim garments are timeless, so no matter how much the trends change on each new season, we always see these clothes as part of the fashion styles, so it is essential to keep them at the closet”.

Here are the new trends that we will witness in 2017:

  • The excessive accessories and psychedelic clothes of the 80’s will come back strongly in 2017 with oversized clothes, velvet, mini-dresses and vintage jeans and sweaters in neon colors, we will be reminded about this polemical yet very interesting fashion style this year.
  • Deconstructed clothes come to break the typical ways of manufacturing a garment by designers who are creating new styles by modifying classic clothes, such as a shirt or a pair of jeans in order to offer asymmetrical creations. It will be essential to have one of these pieces in your closet for this year.
  • The street styles will also be filled out with denim garments, as it happens every year, but as for the shorts, skirts and jeans, we will see the high waist versions with styles that will accentuate the waist in a very wonderful way as these fits work better than a belt or a corset.
  • We will also see many different clothes in stripes, as this will be the main character for the printed garments in 2017.

“Fashion is usually evolving and so are the denim styles that are constantly changing in order to adjust to the latest trends. 2017 will be a great year for new trends and fashion that will be complemented by denim garments in different fits and finishes”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Tips to choose the best jeans for you

Tips to choose the best jeans

Tips to choose the best jeans for you

In the past, buying a pair of jeans was easier as most of them were used for work wear only; however, as fashion evolves, so did jeans and there are plenty of different types available nowadays, making the task to choose the right pair more difficult, but do not worry, as we will show you in this article some tips that will help you deciding for the best pair of jeans for you.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, advised about this topic: “With so many different styles, fits, washes and colors of jeans, it is easier for every person to find the pair of jeans that will go well with their own style and the rest of the clothes on his or her closet, as this is a very versatile fabric”.

The following tips will help you choosing the best jeans next time you will go on shopping:

  • Know your body shape – When you recognize what type of body you have, it will be easier to find the perfect pair of jeans. Remember there are many different tips, each one for different types of bodies, so choose the one that will flatter your shape.
  • Choose the shade – If you want to add more volume to your body and you want to wear your jeans for casual looks, choose the ones with lighter tones. Keep in mind that the darker shades on your jeans will help you looking thinner and are perfect when you want a formal look, and to wear them at the office.
  • Try with different sizes – One thing to keep in mind when you need to buy a pair of jeans is that the size will vary from brand to brand, so you might want to try on a different size than what you usually wear. Also remember that jeans stretch out, so if they feel loose, they will probably feel bigger after a few months, so make sure they fit perfectly.
  • Hide your tummy – If you want to hide your tummy, the high rise jeans are perfect, and your waist will look smaller.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal also added: “Jeans become more popular every year as more people are realizing about how versatile, affordable and resistant they are. Jeans have become a basic garment for many persons who are adding them to their wardrobe”.

Adding your denim shirts to your daily outfits

Adding a deniim shirt to your daily outfits

Different ways to add a denim shirt in your daily outfits

Denim is a basic fabric for a girl’s closet, and one of the basics that everyone should have is a denim shirt. In this article we will show you many different tips that will help you combining this garment with your outfits every day.

“A denim shirt can be combined for many outfits with all types of bottoms, as this is a very versatile garment, just like most of the denim clothes”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

If you have a denim shirt and you are wondering how to combine it in your daily outfits, check out these tips:

  • For a feminine style – A denim shirt is very helpful, but if you have a little bit of trouble finding the perfect combination and looking feminine with it, wear an extra-long denim shirt as an “A” dress, button it up and add a delicate necklace to your outfit, you will look very elegant with this outfit.
  • For an office outfit – You can combine your denim shirt with your office outfits and look very professional. Wear it with dress pants and discreet colors, do not forget to tuck your shirt under your pants and complement your outfit with subtle accessories and pointy pumps. You can replace the dress pants by a pencil skirt.
  • For a sexy look – If you have a party or will go to a club at night, pull out your denim shirt from the closet and combine it with your skinny jeans, the combination of these garments and the double denim style will make you look very sexy. Do not forget the importance of accessories. For this look, you can have a metallic clutch with you.

“When we talk about denim, the possibilities to make different combinations are huge, as you can make plenty of different outfits with this versatile fabric”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Different flare jeans

Different flare jeans

Different flare jeans for women

Flare jeans have been a trend over the last seasons, but with so many different types it might seem a little confusing to find the perfect pair, but do not worry as this article will guide you to decide which is the best option for you.

“With so many different types of jeans available, it is easy to find the perfect pair according to each style”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

2017 will also be a great year for flare jeans, here are some styles so you can choose the best one for you:

  • Bell bottom jeans – The legs are wide. These jeans should be used in a lose way, avoid the tight jeans and combine them with crop tops or tuck your shirts in them. These jeans are great for girls with curves as the shape of the jeans will diminish them giving you a great look.
  • Wide leg straight jeans – Although the legs on these jeans are wide, they are different to the bell bottom ones. This is the perfect choice for any type of bodies and will flatter your silhouette when you choose the darker tones.
  • Boot cut jeans – These jeans have a straight fit and the bottom is slightly open, just so your boots can fit within them, every girl should have a pair of boot cut jeans at the closet as they are perfect for everyone.
  • Wide flare jeans – The bottom of these jeans is the widest of all of the types. They are perfect for girls that have little curves.

“Designers are constantly reinventing jeans in order to give more options to everyone, as all of us have different needs, and there is always a pair of jeans that will meet them”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.