Wearing black jeans every day

By | January 13, 2017

Wearing black jeans every day

How to wear black jeans every day?

Jeans are essential on a girls wardrobe, they are comfortable, easy to combine and very resistant, so if you treat them nicely, you can have a pair of your favorite jeans for ages, and of course, the most popular jeans are the blue denim ones, but there are other colors available and this time we will focus on one just as popular on girls’ fashion: black jeans, keep on reading this article as we will tell you how to combine them so you can wear them every day if you want to.

“Jeans are more popular each year, as more people is trying on them and incorporating them to their wardrobe and designers have seen the potential of this garment, proposing different and interesting styles that meet everyone’s needs”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

If you want to incorporate black jeans to your daily wardrobe, here are some suggestions:

  • Black jeans combine well with everything, but if you want to wear jeans of this color every day, the first rule is not to make it a “fix” garment, as it would seem like you would be wearing the same pair every day, instead, choose different tops that will make your outfits look completely different.
  • Experiment with your black jeans, you can wear them with a vintage jacket or an animal print blazer, play with the tops and accessories until you find your own style.
  • Black jeans look amazing with a leather jacket. If you like trying on a biker look combine these two garments with ankle boots, sneakers or even heels, footwear will determine your style.
  • If you love a clean and elegant style, black jeans are perfect when you wear them with a two-color style, so combine them with a white top (jackets, sweaters, blouses) and white heels will look amazing too.
  • The good thing about wearing black jeans is that you will be able to combine them with all footwear in your closet.

“Jeans have become essential at every closet, as they are more accepted each time in more places and different occasions”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.