Things that damage your jeans

By | December 30, 2016

Things that damage your jeans

Things you did not know that damage your jeans

Many persons adore wearing their jeans, and most of them know how resistant they are, but that does not mean they are indestructible, your jeans also need the right care and in this article we will show you what things might damage your jeans.

“Jeans are quite resistant when they are treated the right way and have the correct care, so it is important that you follow the care instructions listed on the labels at your jeans, this way you can have them with you for more time”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Here are some things that damage your jeans and you might not know about:

  1. Washing them often – Washing your jeans regularly can make the color fade away or your jeans can shrink, experts recommend washing your jeans 4 months after you bought them. There are several ways to get rid of bad odors, such as putting them in the freezer for a night.
  2. They are too long – If you are dragging out your jeans, the hem will not only get dirty, it will be torn after a few uses.
  3. Putting them in the wash machine – We know that hand washing your jeans might take more time and effort, but your jeans will preserve their original state for a longer time than when you put them in a wash machine.
  4. They are too tight – If your jeans suddenly have holes at the back part of the knees, you might not be wearing the right size, do not wear them too tight, they will not only be uncomfortable to wear, you will also damage them.

“Your jeans are quite resistant, but only if you treat them the right way you can have them with you for a longer time”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.