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Denim looks for curvy girls

Denim looks for curvy girls

Autumn looks with denim for curvy girls

Curvy girls have great options to look spectacular, this time we will give you some useful tips to make incredible outfits this fall wearing denim.

“Denim is present in all seasons, trends change, fashion styles are different each year but one fabric that is always present is denim”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Wearing nude tones will make you look amazing, distinguishing your curves. So combine a white sweater or coat with a color pair of jeans and nude heels, you will look spectacular.

Fall is perfect to wear those garments that will make the transition between seasons, so get advantage of it while winter is here and temperature goes down and play with clear colors. You can combine a navy blouse with green pants.

If you want a casual autumn look for a Sunday, try with a pair of grey jeans and a plaid shirt with ankle boots, you will feel comfortable and look good at the same time.

Layering is a trend for the season, so if you want to try with this style put on layers at the top time and combine it with your skinny jeans.

Ochre colors are perfect for this season; combine a blouse with this tone with your black jeans. You can complement your outfit with long brown boots and a brown belt. You will look gorgeous with this outfit.

Denim shirts are the perfect complement for your autumn looks, so if you have one combine it with a black shirt and ankle boots, if you have a red hat wear it with this outfit, your shape will really outstand with this combination.

If you are wearing some gorgeous ankle boots, show them by cuffing your skinny jeans. If you complete your outfit with a long coat and an extra-large scarf, the combination will be unstoppable.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal also said: “A pair of jeans is always a good complement for an outfit, so it is essential to have a pair in the closet as more people each time is wearing them every day”.

Red heels and jeans

Red heels and jeans

Ways to combine your red heels with jeans

Every woman who loves fashion has red heels in her closet, but do you know how to combine them? On this article, we will give you some great ideas so you can incorporate your red heels in your outfits.

“Jeans are great to combine with any type of footwear, and depending on the shoes you add to your outfit, you can completely change it from a casual to a formal one”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Red shoes are extremely sexy, so when you complement your outfit with them, you are adding a touch of personality and distinction to your look, check out these tips to combine your red heels with your clothes:

  1. For a total black look – If you want to play it safe, combine your red heels on a total black outfit. You will get a formal look. Use this elegant choice on special occasions. Any black garments go well with red shoes; you can combine them with black jeans, dresses, skirts or leggings.
  2. With jeans – You can never go wrong when combining your red heels with a pair of skinny jeans, you will look very sexy. All jeans go well with red shoes, but if you want to wear this outfit at the office, combine your jeans with a white blouse and red accessories that combine with your shoes.
  3. White jeans – A perfect idea to combine your red heels in summer is to wear them with White jeans and Golden accessories, this is a very fresh outfit. If you use red lipstick, the combination will be unstoppable.
  4. Black and white polka dot – A pair of black or grey jeans, a polka dot blouse and red heels are the right option for those girls who want to try with something out of the ordinary. But you can also choose other colors for the dots on your blouse, such as white and navy blue.
  5. With a denim dress – Red heels look great with any denim garment, but when you combine them with a denim dress and a red belt, you will look very sexy.

“You can combine your denim garments with other textiles, colors and footwear, as this is a very versatile fabric. For this, it is essential to have garments manufactured with this fabric at the closet”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Black jeans for this season

Black jeans for this season

How to combine your black jeans this season?

If you are a fan of black jeans, you might be happy to pull them out of your closet this season, aren’t you? Keep on reading this article as we will tell you the best ways to combine your black jeans in your outfits.

“Although blue denim jeans are very popular and easy to combine, many jeans lovers decide to add more colors to their outfits trying with colorful jeans for summer and grey or black colors in fall and winter”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Black jeans are usually not worn during summer, when temperatures are too high, but you can perfectly wear them this fall and winter, here are some suggestions to combine your black jeans and look amazing with them:

  • Shirt and heels – A loose shirt and your heels are the perfect complement for your black jeans; remember to add colorful accessories to your outfit.
  • Flats with layers – Layering style is very popular nowadays, so get advantage of it complementing your black jeans with a blouse, sweater and a coat. You will look extra chic with flats, and do not forget and extra big handbag.
  • White blouse and a leather jacket – If you love the rocker style wear your black jeans with a white top and a leather jacket and black heels.
  • Blouse and heels – Colorful heels will look great with your black jeans, complement them with a smooth blouse, you will get a pretty feminine outfit.
  • With rain boots – Your black jeans will also look great with your rain boots, for girls who want to look amazing even with bad weather.

“Skinny black jeans are a trend for this season, the combination of a pair of jeans and this combinable color makes them a great choice to put many different outfits together, depending on your style”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Turn any outfits into luxurious ones

Turn any outfits into luxurious ones

How to turnany outfit into a luxurious one?

On fashion, nothing is written, you can put much of your inventiveness to create the most desired and original outfits, and it is not necessary to spend lots of money to make your outfits luxurious, keep on reading as we will give you the key to look very nice dressed without investing more money on clothes.

“One of the most important thing to look well-dressed is your own confidence, as that will completely change the way that any outfit will look on you, so be proud and feel secure with what you wear, as that will be your best complement”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, about this topic.

Not everyone can afford spending much money on clothes; most of us can only go on shopping once in a while. But you do not need to go to the most exclusive cloth stores or spend all your salary on luxurious garments. If you want to look very sophisticated with the garments you already have in your closet, check out these tips:

  • Accessories – Accessories are not only a small detail on your outfits, they can actually turn it into something different. If you have a simple dress, adding a nice belt and a necklace will make you look sophisticated.
  • Combine colors – Another tip to make a luxurious outfit is to combine a jazzy garment with a neutral color. You can combine a cream color blouse with camel dress pants.
  • Go to vintage stores – You can find plenty of luxurious dresses or coats at a very low price in a very good state.
  • Basic designs – If you have basic designs on your closet, it will be easier to make more combinations, so make wise clothes shopping.

“It is important to have basic garments on your closet, such as a white shirt, dress pants or jeans, they will help you making more combinations without spending extra money on clothes”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.