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Adding black to your outfits

Adding black to your outfits

Original ways to add black to your outfits

If you love to add black color in your outfits, keep on reading this article, as we will show you some original ways to add this color to your wardrobe.

“Jeans are essential for combining with everything, and when you add black color to your entire outfit, you create an attractive and sophisticated combination of a casual garment like a pair of jeans and a top with a color as strong as black”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Here are some ways you will love, if you want to complement your outfits with black color:

  • Black boots – Every woman who loves boots on any of the styles available, should have a pair in this color. So always make sure to have a pair of black boots in your closet and use them this season.
  • Little black dress – This is an essential garment on any women’s closet. They look sexy and you can wear them at a night out in a club or even at the office, just by changing the footwear and accessories.
  • Black jeans – If you love jeans and you like the black color, why not combining both in the same garment and wearing a pair of black jeans this winter? They go perfect with white, red and grey colors. Combine them with a jacket and ankle boots, you will feel comfortable and look sophisticated at the same time.
  • Black coats – This is a classic garment that will immediately add elegance to your entire outfit, so make sure you have at least one coat of this color in your closet.

“Dark colors are essential this season, so having them at the closet is a very easy way to make different outfits quickly and black color is a great alternative to look nicely dressed”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Add originality to your jeans

Add originality to your jeans

Add originality to your jeans

This time we would like to help you with some useful and funny ideas that can help you adding originality to your jeans, if you have an old pair, you might want to check on these changes instead of thinking to throw them up.

“Jeans can last for years, and even once you have had them with you for a long time, you can still turn them into something different, like a pair of shorts or an item to be used at home, it is only a matter to use your imagination and the right tools”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

If you are thinking about making your jeans more original, check out these tips:

  1. Get rid of the hem – Many jeans have a sewn hem and since raw hem jeans are a hit, you can turn your old jeans into fashionable ones by cutting the hem, let some threads hang out loose, your jeans will look completely different.
  2. Play with the patches – To customize your jeans, you can buy plenty of different patches and sew them to your jeans, they will not only look great but very original. Some patches work with heat, so you just need to iron them into the garment.
  3. Oil painting jeans – If you are quite an artist, take advantage of it and use your jeans as your canvas, using fabric paint. If you are a little insecure about using the right method, try first with a very old garment that you do not fear to ruin.
  4. Use other fabrics – Another method to make your jeans different is to add small patches made of other fabrics, this change will add much originality to your jeans and your entire look.

“There are many different types of modifications that you can do at your jeans to make them look very different, by making them at your own style”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

What to do to look thinner?

What to do if you want to look thinner?

Tips you cannot miss if you want to look thinner

Has it ever happened to you that, no matter what you wear, you just feel that nothing fits you well? We have some useful tips that you can apply if you want to look thinner so you can apply next time you have trouble with your outfits.

“Clothes play an important part in many different aspects, such the impression we want to cause to the others, so it is important to always choose the right outfits wherever we go as that will show a little part of our personality”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, about this topic.

Black color can be a great partner to look thinner, but instead of using all black clothes, a good advice would be to combine it with a white garment, as this is one of the trends that is hitting hard. So if you want to get a slimming effect on your hips, wear white pants with a black top, but if you want to look thinner at the top, then wear a black blouse with white pants.

Wearing an outfit on the same color would also make you look thinner, and to get this, a good advice would be to wear a double denim look, by combining dark denim clothes.

The peplum cut is also a great option for your clothes as you will look thinner and you can wear it on the day or at night. And if you love dresses and you want them to give you a slimming effect then go for the wrap ones as those will make your waist look smaller.

“Wearing the correct size can also make a difference on the appearance, for this, it is important that we know our body as well as our size, this way you can choose the clothes that will favor your shape in the right size”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Top 6 for men’s outfits for jeans

Top 6 for men’s outfits with jeans

Top 6 for best men’s outfits with jeans

Jeans are undoubtedly the perfect complement for our every day’s outfits, and this time we will present you the top 6 on jeans that will make the perfect combinations for men’s outfits.

“Jeans are essential on all wardrobes as you can make plenty of different combinations with them and you can wear them at different occasions and in most places as you can do a casual or elegant outfit depending on how you mix them with the rest of your clothes”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, abut this topic.

Here it’s the top 6 for best men’s outfits that can be achieved with a pair of jeans:

  1. Cheerful – Skinny ocher jeans with a loose tee and sneakers will make your outfit quite cheerful.
  2. Urban – Combine your skinny jeans with patterned shirts.
  3. Comfy – Middle rise jeans will give you the comfort you need. Tuck your shirt into your jeans so you do not look dowdy.
  4. Neutral – The neutral outfit can be achieved with boot cut fit jeans on light tones. The color of your jeans will make it very easy to combine, so take advantage of this and wear these jeans with all of your t-shirts and tees.
  5. Versatile – There is nothing more versatile than a pair of black jeans, and they will stylize your shape, no matter what your complexion is so they are essential for your denim outfits.
  6. Classic – A close-fitting pair of jeans will make you look good and feel comfortable. These jeans are perfect to go with your favorite shirts and go just as good with shoes as with sneakers.

“You can make plenty of different outfits with your jeans as they go well with many different textiles and with all colors, jeans even look great with another denim garment”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, about this topic.