Outfits for the night

By | September 16, 2016

outfits for the night

Amazing outfits for the night

When we have a night out, we love to think on what to wear, look as gorgeous as possible and feel comfortable to dance and move freely, and it turns a little complicated when you do not know what would be the best combination, so do not worry as today we will show you different alternatives for cool outfits for the night.

If you have the basic garments, such as a nice pair of jeans, high heels, a skirt, a black dress or a white shirt, it gets easier to make more combinations. Here are some advices that you are going to love and try next time you need a different outfit for the night:

  • Jeans and high heels – There is nothing as versatile and useful as a pair of jeans, wear the most conservative such as a straight fit or boot cut for the day and wear the most daring ones at the night, such as skinny jeans that combined with your high heels will give you the extra sexy look that you wish. Combine your jeans with a cute blouse and add a stones necklace to emphasize your night outfit.
  • Dress with flats – If you are going out at night to your friends’ house instead of going to the club, the outfit must be a little bit different, for these occasions, you can wear a short dress with sandals or flats, they look fashionable and you will look amazing with a casual and very feminine look.
  • Shorts – With all new trends, shorts are every time more accepted for night outfits, so wear them proudly, just make sure they are not denim shorts as those go better at day. If you wear a pair of black shorts with a blazer and heels, you will catch some glances.

“Denim is a great fabric to have at the closet as you can make different combinations with the garments made with it, and you can wear them for different occasions and in many places such as a party or a club”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim about this topic.