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Fashion rules you must break

Fashion rules you must break

Fashion rules you must break to be happy

When we talk about the fashion world, we hear lots of rules that you must follow if you want to look good, but rules were made to be broken, and if you want to feel happy with your look, you must break some of them, today we will tell you which ones you should ignore.

“Dressing is not an easy task, we seem to live pressed in a world governed by rules of what to wear and what not to wear, but I personally think you should feel good with your clothes, that will make you feel confident and nothing will make you look greater than that”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

There are general rules on the fashion world, some of them are good to make a quicker choice of our clothes when standing in front on the closet and deciding what to wear, but there are some others that you should simply ignore if you want to feel happy with your look, here are some of examples:

  • Not to wear a two-pieces swimwear if you wear plus sizes – This is a rule that you should definitely break. There are wonderful swimsuits made of two pieces that will make you look incredible. Add the right accessories and a wonderful beach hat for it.
  • Avoid the monochromatic looks – This rule changed, as now the monochromatic outfits are not only accepted but a trend, so try it one next time you do not know what to wear.
  • Shoes and purse must match – Yes, we try to match the shoes with the purse, but if this is a rule that you can easily break and still look good, combine blue shoes and a pink purse and you will see how an amazing combination you can get.

“When we do not know what to wear, a good advice good be try with different combinations, it is not as important to follow the fashion rules as it is to feel good with what you are wearing, that is how you will identify your own style”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Dress pants and jeans for men

dress pants and jeans for men

Trends on dress pants and jeans for men for Fall and Winter

Fall is here and with it we want to show you the dress pants and jeans that will become some of the most popular trends for this season as well as Winter, check out these models so you can be ready.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a jeans manufacturer company, advised about this topic: “Jeans are a great choice for each season as they are perfectly adaptable and since they combine with everything, you can always have them as an option to make many different outfits, this is definitely a basic garment that everyone should have in the closet”.

Here are some of the trends on dress pants and jeans for men for Fall and Winter:

  1. Boot cut jeans – This is a basic type of jeans for men, you will see them on the streets with their distressed version, torn by the knees, but in a subtle way, not as the models we saw in Summer when the weather was really hot and the jeans had holes and destruction all over the place.
  2. Navy dress pants – You can create an elegant look when you combine them with a dress jersey in different and contrasting colors, such as mustard.
  3. Slim fit – These jeans have been part of the trends for years and 2016 will not be and exception, but we will see their “skinny” version more accentuated this Fall.
  4. Straight dress pants – One of the changes on the suits is on the way men are wearing them as the pants are tighter than they used to be worn years ago. Every man should have a pair of dress pants for special occasions.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal also advised: “There are many different styles for menswear, but one garment that is timeless are a pair of basic jeans, they look good, are easy to care and comfortable to wear, that is why they continue to be part of the trends through every new season”.

Outfits for the night

outfits for the night

Amazing outfits for the night

When we have a night out, we love to think on what to wear, look as gorgeous as possible and feel comfortable to dance and move freely, and it turns a little complicated when you do not know what would be the best combination, so do not worry as today we will show you different alternatives for cool outfits for the night.

If you have the basic garments, such as a nice pair of jeans, high heels, a skirt, a black dress or a white shirt, it gets easier to make more combinations. Here are some advices that you are going to love and try next time you need a different outfit for the night:

  • Jeans and high heels – There is nothing as versatile and useful as a pair of jeans, wear the most conservative such as a straight fit or boot cut for the day and wear the most daring ones at the night, such as skinny jeans that combined with your high heels will give you the extra sexy look that you wish. Combine your jeans with a cute blouse and add a stones necklace to emphasize your night outfit.
  • Dress with flats – If you are going out at night to your friends’ house instead of going to the club, the outfit must be a little bit different, for these occasions, you can wear a short dress with sandals or flats, they look fashionable and you will look amazing with a casual and very feminine look.
  • Shorts – With all new trends, shorts are every time more accepted for night outfits, so wear them proudly, just make sure they are not denim shorts as those go better at day. If you wear a pair of black shorts with a blazer and heels, you will catch some glances.

“Denim is a great fabric to have at the closet as you can make different combinations with the garments made with it, and you can wear them for different occasions and in many places such as a party or a club”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim about this topic.

Dealing with stretching issues

Dealing with stretching issues

Dealing with the stretching issues on your jeans

Has it ever happen to you that you buy a perfect pair of jeans, with the right fit and a few wears later they just do not fit as perfectly as they used to? This is mainly because most of the jeans tend to stretch, so today; we will show you what to do so you do not deal with this problem anymore.

“It is important to treat your jeans right, when following the care instructions, we make sure they last for a longer time, avoid them from dyeing, shrinking or stretching out, and having them with you for years”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Jeans manufactured with a 100% cotton also tend to stretch out, but it is harder for them to recover their original shape because they do not have an elastic composition, jeans with spandex, on the other side, also stretch out, but this is not an issue, as their composition makes them return to their original state soon, so if you do not want to deal with stretching problems, the most recommended thing to do is to buy these type of jeans.

If you find the perfect jeans for you look at a size down and try it on, it will probably feel too tight, but you will see that after you have worn it a few times, they will fit perfectly well.

If you have a pair of stretch jeans that feel a little loose on certain parts that used to fit you well, wash them in hot water and then put them into the dryer, this will make denim return to their natural state, you will see how great they fit you after doing this.

“There are many different tricks that can be done when buying a pair of jeans to make sure they will fit you well not only when you try them on for the first time but after a few times wearing them, it is important to take the necessary time until you find the pair that will be with you for years”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Look elegant with a comfortable budget

Look elegant with a comfortable budget

Look elegant with a comfortable budget for clothes

We relate being fashionable with spending huge amounts of money on clothes, but this is not necessarily accurate, it is more important to be able to identify and choose the right garments, and this time we will show you how you can look elegant with a comfortable budget assigned to buy clothes, demonstrating that it is not necessary to spend more money that what you really need.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, advised: “When it comes to the fashion topics, a good advice would be to always focus on those garments that will make you feel more comfortable, wearing them with confidence will make a real difference on your style”.

If you want to look elegant, but your average is not as huge as you wish, do not worry and follow these tips:

  • For a simple dress, add a touch of elegance with a cute belt or a striking necklace, accessories also play an important part when changing your style.
  • Combine tones – Neutral colors are elegant, if you have camel pants, combine them with a cream blouse, your look will look nicer than with a black or white top.
  • Make wise choices – It is not necessary to spend more money on different garments, what it is better is to make wise choices when going on shopping, always choose the basic colors and then get some garments with eye-catching prints, when you combine both on an outfit, you get a different look that you could not get with a monochromatic one.
  • Find clothes on sale – Some of the best brands usually get their clothes on sale; get advantage of that resource to have very good clothes at low prices.

“When buying clothes that are easy to combine, you get more possibilities to put different outfits together without spending more money; for example, a pair of jeans goes well with everything, the price is really affordable and you can look really nice dressed with them”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.