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Biker jeans

biker jeansBiker jeans, a great option in fashion for men

Men like their jeans, they are comfortable to wear, they can last for longer than any other pants and they can be worn at all places and in different occasions, but some men are looking for different types of jeans to change their basic blue denim jeans, and the biker jeans have come to be the option some of them were trying to find.

“Jeans are part of an endless fashion, they go well with everything, and with all different types of fits, finishes and shades available, it is easier each time to find the perfect jeans for each style”, thinks Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, an enterprise dedicated to manufacture jeans in Mexico.

Biker jeans are seeing one of the best moments on fashion for men, compared with any other types of jeans, they are relatively new; however, they are gaining popularity really quickly, so you might want to consider adding them to your wardrobe if you do not have a pair yet in your wardrobe.

One of the greatest advantages about the biker jeans are the styles available, they come from subtle styles to the most extravagant ones, so denim lovers can choose from a pair with padded-like knees to the distressed ones.

Some of the coolest biker jeans available in the market are:

  • Black, blue& grey biker jeans
  • Coated biker jeans
  • Leather biker jeans

You can create different outfits with these types of jeans, combine them with your favorite shoes, sneakers or motorcycle boots.

“Jeans are the easiest to combine, and everyone can create completely different looks by just changing the shoes or the tops, so there is no wonder why jeans are more popular with each new launch”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.

Responsive Retail

Responsive Retail

Responsive Retail: How Faster, Smarter Supply Chains Can Limit Discounts

In a perfect world, apparel stores would predict consumer demand with prophetic accuracy, order the exact inventory needed months in advance, and sell every item at full price, leaving customers delighted and stocks depleted.

How Brands Get Stuck With Discounts And Stockouts

As products linger on the racks, companies slash prices to make them more compelling. In fact, the industry’s reliance on discounts has largely trained consumers to expect prices to drop, sending them straight to the sale section while sneering at full price items.

On the flip side, brands lucky enough to hit on a trending style may face frustrating stockouts  and leave disappointed customers looking elsewhere for a similar style. By the time their supply chain can replenish the hot item, fashion may have sprinted forward forcing retailors to turn back to discounts to move last cycle’s winning inventory.

Supply Chain Solutions To Faster Fashion

The perfect solution to an imperfect world? Faster, smaller orders and more of them. Why take the shotgun approach to your inventory when you could place well-timed, precise surgical strikes?

If you had the ability to restock in weeks instead of months, you could order everything in small amounts, see what’s selling, and respond to demand as you go, offering exactly what your consumers want at full price.

Relationships: Communicate with Your Entire Supply Chain

If you only work through the fabric manufacturers, you’re relying on them for all sourcing decisions. Need a fast order? If you can’t get right yarn quickly enough, you’ll have to change suppliers, which changes the fabric giving your customers an inconsistent experience and risking lost loyalty. Successful, fast fashion brands establish lines of communications with everyone along the supply chain, from yarn spinners and knitters to the partners who cut, sew, trim, and dye.

“It’s not just a winning business strategy; it’s a path to greater peace of mind. By relying on your entire supply chain to guarantee rapid production, you can stop and start as the market demands without worrying about excess waste and offer your consumers the products they want today” commented the president of Grupo Denim, Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Super skinny jeans for men

JeansSuper skinny jeans, new fashion for men

Skinny jeans have been popular for decades now, but, as everything on the fashion world, they have been evolving and now what is becoming a trend are the super skinny jeans for men, which began being worn by some famous celebrities and are becoming more popular each day now. So today we will give you some useful advices as to how to wear them.

“Skinny jeans are some of the most popular among the different types of jeans, they are great to make different outfits easily, so there is no wonder why they are seen more often out on the streets”, commented Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal , president of Grupo Denim, about these jeans.

Many men prefer skinny jeans to the baggy ones, as the fit makes them look flattering and tailored. One great advantage of the super skinny jeans is that you do not have to worry too much about the hem, as you do with other types of jeans, the hem will adjust perfectly to your legs, just buy the ones with the closest length to make them look every greater.

You can easily combine your skinny jeans, and that is another good point in favor of these jeans, combine them with your favorite boots and a blazer to go out at night or make a different outfit for the day with your favorite t-shirt and sneakers.

Fits and cuts are getting slimmer on every new season, so for those men who are looking for jeans that make you feel comfortable and still look stylish, try the super skinny jeans, which are more popular each day and you will see them more everywhere with the different types of washes available at the market now.

“Skinny jeans are comfortable, versatile and make you look stylish when they are combined in the right way, it is important to try on a few until you find the ones that fit you perfectly well, as you will have them for a long time so it is worth spending time to find the right ones”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Salary, needs to last 15 days


Salary, needs to last 15 days, but how?

Money, we are always waiting for it week after week. Yes, that sensation of receiving your payment after two weeks of hard work, but, what happens when your salary arrives?

Do you go to the hottest store to expend it all and just leave the necessary money to survive? Do you save your payment and wait for your moneybox to get fat until the end of the year?

Here are some things that you should stop believing about your salary in order to save money:

  1. It doesn’t need to last 15 days: It is amazing to know that in average, it only lasts 13 days! And we are talking about the most managed people!! So let’s make it clear, it is called semi-monthly paid because it needs to last 15 days.
  2. – If you concentrate, you can advance time!: Unfortunately, we have not developed the capacity to do this yet and to make money fall directly to our hands; therefore, the only thing left is to be a little more managed.
  3. Credit card is my best friend: Actually, this is the villain of your life, unless it can be used to pay your debts, your credit card might end your income. That money we take from the bank is more expensive and it ends up into a big problem and your salary won’t be enough to solve the situation.
  4. Pay day, the happiest day ever: OK, receiving our salary feels really good but it also feels incredible to save money to buy a complete new closet!
  5. It needs to cover every expense: It is not because we fall into conformism, but our salary will never be enough. We are women, and we like to expend money; therefore, we need to learn the capacity to control that impulse to have the latest clothes of the season.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, as a businessman, thinks that the best way to save money is to plan our personal financials. “We need to put some order and make a budget, in order to know how much money can we expend and how much go to the saving account”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo denim.

Successful Office Management

Successful Office Management

Successful Office Management

Office managers wear many hats in the workplace. Not only are they required to ensure the office is running smoothly at all times, but they must also stay abreast of upcoming events and successfully complete any additional assigned tasks. While this may seem like a daunting job, there are several small actions you can take to hone your skills and thrive in the position.

Get Acclimated With Your Industry

You may land an office manager role without knowing much about the industry you’re working in, but this will need to change if you want to be successful at the job. 

Always Remain Professional

As an office manager, you are expected to set the tone for the office space. If you constantly engage in water cooler gossip, arrive extremely late each day, under perform, or call out regularly after extended weekends, chances are you won’t be perceived in a positive light. 

Get Organized

To successfully manage an office, being organized is important since practically all the employees look for you to point them in the right direction if an administrative issue arises. Your organizational skills will prove critical in completing tasks on time and making sure each day runs smoothly.

Learn Job Descriptions

As office manager, you need a working knowledge of the job descriptions for each employee, especially those that are your direct reports. Familiarize yourself with the job descriptions of each employee, as well as the skills required to complete the job.Improve Listening and Communication Skills

Minimize Workplace Conflict

If you are the first line of contact for current customers, management may expect you to understand a bit about their business and what it entails so you can properly route their calls. You can do so by grasping a basic understanding of the operational systems and regularly reviewing the accounts. Some office managers also act as bookkeepers, so it’s not a bad idea to get trained or certified on the system currently used in your office.

Learn to Multi Task

This skill will come with experience, but it doesn’t hurt to take a time-management class to learn how to make the best use of the workday since chances are you will be juggling many pressing items at once. You must also learn to be proficient in your work by being productive at all times.

As an office manager, you must be open mind and committed to continuous improvement. By implementing these suggestions, you will be well on your way to attaining success as an office manager for many years to come, added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.