Fall trending

By | July 21, 2016


Fall trending that will control your closet

Designers have made clothes to satisfy a character that you would like to perform each day. Would like to be a femme fatale? An opulent air bohemian? A sporty retro girl? Here are some options for you for the next fall trending.

Dark Lady

We all have a dark side. This is a sophisticated and polished look and a sensual outfit because her favorite schedule starts at midnight.

Folk Lover

Eccentric and elegant, she is a boho rich girl, loves printed stamps, textures, patchwork, and is always looking to create her own style. Flashy clothes are usually a topic on her conversations.

Retro Sports Girl

She does not need to be a marathoner to feel attracted to the sporty trending, even though the runners love to have a sport touch on their daily outfits. She is cool, relaxed and have a preference for vintage clothes.

Chic Geek

She is romantic, unconventional and intellectual. This look needs to have an air of sophistication because she loves to use irony in a sentence but more on her outfits.

Beauty Queen

There’s a nostalgic air on this girl for the pastel colors and retro touches. She always looks amazing and she cares for every detail of her look. She is a perfect girly, so beautiful.

Miss Sixties

She prefers shapes and folded hem, this is a flash back from the 70’s fashion, when the future on fashion was the stamp of freedom. This is free spirit woman.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, said that this company has already developed the fall season and that flare jeans are back in trending. “We had an all at once fall season where the flare jeans were back on the fashion scenario in different washes. For me, women will always dress in denim no matter the season or new trends”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.