Fired? What to do next?

By | July 11, 2016


Fired? What to do next after this situation?

Facing the actual economic scenario, companies are making decisions to restructure, which sometimes means to cut their employees. But do you need to do if you get fired?

To lose a job is similar to face a loved lost; there are some stages to go thru, like denial, anger until to get to accept the fact; but, meanwhile you find a new job here are some tips that might help to go thru this process and how to face it.

Manage your emotions

When there are hard situations it is a bunch of emotions going around inside ourselves; therefore, it is not convenient for you to close the doors, and we are not trying to say to hide your sadness or your anger, but negative actions will result into negative consequences.

Do not judge yourself

It is important to take this situation with philosophy, you can also ask for old bosses about how you develop your skills and which your opportunity areas are.

Don’t be alone

Nobody wants to be in this situation, only you can make the decision to get over it and to go on, look for your family support and start looking for a new job leaving behind all the negative feelings.

Be visible

Update your resume and get registered on the main job markets since these are well connected with companies that are looking for new talented people.

Be ready for your next interview

Leave aside your negative feelings and focus on being professional, don’t talk negative comments about the company that you got fired from because this will not be correct for your image.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim also explained that sometimes companies need to cut the employees because of the lack of production. “We have faced sometimes this situations, good employees get fired not because they did a bad job but because of the production decrease, in this case we always try to contact them as soon as the production scenario gets better, sometimes they are still available, sometimes they don’t but we need to keep on dealing with this for the other employees benefit”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.