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Make jeans look worn with bleach

Make your jeans look worn with bleach

Making your jeans look like worn with bleach

Many people love their jeans to look as worn, as this is a way of wearing a chic and bohemian style, and the best part is that you can play with your jeans at home giving them the effect that you wish with some easy steps that we will see this time. 

“Many people is looking for jeans that have the appearance of being worn, this is one great way to get an authentic look and one that you can get by modifying your jeans at home, personalizing them according to your style”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim. 

If you want to use bleach to create a worn look on your jeans, the most important thing is that you first visualize the parts that you want to bleach, remember that the liquid acts fast. 

Wash your jeans with water only and wring them, you can also soak them in a bucket with water. After that, hang them by the waistline. 

Mix a measure of bleach (1/2 cup) and water (1 gallon) in a bucket and dip a sponge on the liquid. Press the sponge slightly over the areas that you want to fade, if you want the jeans to look as worn, it is better to apply the sponge over the edges of the pockets, knees and hemlines. 

Wait around 5 minutes before you rinse your jeans again and let them dry under the sun, you will see how great your worn jeans will look like.

“The best thing about jeans is that you can use different techniques with them to modify them if you want, adding embellishments, changing the color, making new finishes or even dying them into different colors, that is why jeans are some of the most popular garments”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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Business Suit


Business Suit

Business Suit

The man’s business suit is an emblem of official power and professional identity, suggesting a life free from physical toil. The three-piece suit, allowing for differences of cut and fabric, has been the basis of the male wardrobe since the last quarter of the seventeenth century.

The loosely cut knee-length coat, embellished with elaborately worked buttonholes and deep turned-back cuffs, and embroidered waistcoat remained the staple of the British court style until the mid-1720s. As the British nobility spent much of their time on their country estates, the boundaries between the clothing of the landed gentry and the middle classes became eroded. Clothes that had originally been made for riding became upgraded into acceptable day wear and even for more formal occasions.

The influence of sporting dress increased an appreciation of the solid virtues of fit and finish. Throughout the eighteenth century, the comfortable and practical coat, waistcoat, and breeches, made mostly of wool, underwent little alteration.

Advances in technology made possible the production of men’s suits in large quantities, standard sizes, and a wide range of price points, thus helping to ensure the suit’s continuing popularity over a long span of time. During the middle decades of the twentieth century, suiting materials became lighter in weight, reflecting the widespread use of central heating in homes and workplaces.

When women entered the marketplace in substantial numbers in the 1980s, they began to adopt elements of male dress, wearing an approximation of the male suit. As they achieved more confidence they exaggerated the tailored qualities of the suit with ever widening shoulders and flying lapels, subverting its formality with short skirts and stiletto heels, a look known as “power dressing.”

But as an entrepreneur seeking to nurture your business into maturity, it’s critical to have dressier options in your closet when the occasion calls a meeting with a potential business partner, for instance, or a press launch or networking event, ommented Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Millennial will not spend money on these things


Millennial will not spend money on these things, 10 to review

As per as the Time, even is the Y and Millennial generation are not supposed to have enough financial education, there are some factors that indicate a prevention to any money adversity in the future.

This attitude is visible by looking how the young people are not willing to spend on the following services, products or entrepreneurships:

  1. – Pay television

It is very common to see homes of young people without a television; this is because they know this is a hook to consume all the marketing.

  1. – Investments

Regardless, young people are recommended to invest on stocks, but the crisis from 2008 caused that they think about the stock exchange as an uncertain scenario.

  1. – Beer

On this specific field, young people have left behind the mass production and looking now for artisanal choices, taking into account the taste, or just to consume something that is independent.

  1. – Cars

As per as the report from Yahoo Finance, the percentage of the people around 16 and 24 years old that have a driver’s license as decreased since 1997. On the other hand, The Atlantic added that adult people between 21 and 34 years old represent just the 27% of the sold vehicles.

  1. – Real Estate

For this generation is almost impossible to cover the cost of having a house of their own, not even a credit to get it; therefore, young people decide to go for a monthly lease.

  1. – Bulk products from membership clubs

This is caused to the lack of having a car, because the purchases from these stores or clubs require a car to transport all the merchandise big volumes.

  1. – Weddings

This is not a rejection of the idea to get married, but to go into that step when they have accomplished job stability and a better financial future.

  1. – Children

As simple as no marriage no kids.

  1. – Medical insurance

They are so confident about their generation, that they don’t foresee health problems in their future.

  1. – All people saying what they should buy

51% of these people, would rather take an advise from an stranger than their family or closest friends before accepting a product or a service.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, added that this is all caused by the new area we are living. “We are seeing the industrial area dying and the information area is in the present, millennial people would rather start up a business than ask for a job interview”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


Errors of men when creating their outfits


Which errors men commonly do when creating their outfits?

Men are more concerned about fashion, trends and being impeccable when making their outfits, but there are some common errors that some might still be making without even being conscious about it, today we will help you pointing out those mistakes to see if you are doing them and how you can avoid it.

“Being well dressed makes a difference about what you reflect to the others, it also makes you feel more confident, which is something that everyone else around you notices, so it is very important to choose the garments on your outfit carefully”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

  • Accessories – The accessories you were on your outfit are supposed to add a final touch, everything should assemble together, but accessories should be nothing more than a detail on your outfit and not what calls the entire attention, keep that in mind and choose them carefully, one tip is to always combine leather with metal.
  • Ties – Ties give an elegant finish to your complete outfit, but they need to be chosen carefully, they need to be pulled tight, not so much that you cannot breathe, but they should never look loose. Also keep in mind that the length of the ties is important, they should be no longer than the beginning of your belt.
  • Balance – To look stylish, you need to look balanced, do not miss baggy jeans with a tight shirt, always look for the same type of fits, and remember that monochromatic styles are becoming a trend, so choosing similar shades will help you on this.

“Style is not about wearing the most expensive clothes available, but about combining the ones in the wardrobe perfectly, to look and feel nice with them and to look at all details, from top to bottom”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Fall trending


Fall trending that will control your closet

Designers have made clothes to satisfy a character that you would like to perform each day. Would like to be a femme fatale? An opulent air bohemian? A sporty retro girl? Here are some options for you for the next fall trending.

Dark Lady

We all have a dark side. This is a sophisticated and polished look and a sensual outfit because her favorite schedule starts at midnight.

Folk Lover

Eccentric and elegant, she is a boho rich girl, loves printed stamps, textures, patchwork, and is always looking to create her own style. Flashy clothes are usually a topic on her conversations.

Retro Sports Girl

She does not need to be a marathoner to feel attracted to the sporty trending, even though the runners love to have a sport touch on their daily outfits. She is cool, relaxed and have a preference for vintage clothes.

Chic Geek

She is romantic, unconventional and intellectual. This look needs to have an air of sophistication because she loves to use irony in a sentence but more on her outfits.

Beauty Queen

There’s a nostalgic air on this girl for the pastel colors and retro touches. She always looks amazing and she cares for every detail of her look. She is a perfect girly, so beautiful.

Miss Sixties

She prefers shapes and folded hem, this is a flash back from the 70’s fashion, when the future on fashion was the stamp of freedom. This is free spirit woman.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, said that this company has already developed the fall season and that flare jeans are back in trending. “We had an all at once fall season where the flare jeans were back on the fashion scenario in different washes. For me, women will always dress in denim no matter the season or new trends”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Responsive Retail

Responsive Retail

Responsive Retail: How Faster, Smarter Supply Chains Can Limit Discounts

In a perfect world, apparel stores would predict consumer demand with prophetic accuracy, order the exact inventory needed months in advance, and sell every item at full price, leaving customers delighted and stocks depleted.

How Brands Get Stuck With Discounts And Stockouts

As products linger on the racks, companies slash prices to make them more compelling. In fact, the industry’s reliance on discounts has largely trained consumers to expect prices to drop, sending them straight to the sale section while sneering at full price items.

Supply Chain Solutions To Faster Fashion

If you had the ability to restock in weeks instead of months, you could order everything in small amounts, see what’s selling, and respond to demand as you go, offering exactly what your consumers want at full price.

Relationships: Communicate with Your Entire Supply Chain 

If you only work through the fabric manufacturers, you’re relying on them for all sourcing decisions. Need a fast order? If you can’t get right yarn quickly enough, you’ll have to change suppliers, which changes the fabric giving your customers an inconsistent experience and risking lost loyalty.

Strategy: Pre-Position Yarn & Fabric 

Work with your supply chain to pre-position your most widely used fabrics and yarn; by investing ahead of time, you’ll have the raw materials on hand and dramatically reduce your speed to market.

Location: React Faster with American-Made Products 

Sourcing from American companies doesn’t just ensure a higher quality product it’s also dramatically faster to receive shipments.

The Result: Affordable Fast Fashion 

With these strategies in place, brands can enjoy significantly faster speed to market times of mere weeks. With a strong, smart, and nimble supply chain, you’re free to make smaller, faster orders to capitalize on the latest trends while curbing discounts and stockouts.

“It’s not just a winning business strategy; it’s a path to greater peace of mind. By relying on your entire supply chain to guarantee rapid production, you can stop and start as the market demands without worrying about excess waste and offer your consumers the products they want today” said the president of Grupo Denim Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Denim lovers prefer selvage denim

Denim lovers prefer selvage denim

Why denim lovers prefer selvage denim?

Denim experts know about the different types for this fabric, used mainly on jeans, but today we will talk specifically about one that has become very popular over the years: selvage denim.

“Selvage denim is one of the strongest of its type, with the particularity to have his edges finished, which prevents the fabric from unraveling and makes jeans more durable, that is why more popular chooses this type of denim over the rest”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

The edge of the selvage denim is similar to the hem of a regular finished pair of jeans, with the edges sewn with a machine, which makes it different to the regular denim.

The jeans manufactured with selvage denim are some of the most popular and stylish ones, although the most known styles are manufactured in the United States, some Japanese manufacturing companies also create some of the most desirable selvage jeans.

Selvage denim is used to create trousers with narrow fabric, while preventing the fabric from raveling, and adding extra strength to a pair of jeans. Selvage denim is half as wide as a non-selvage one, as it only measures 32” typically, while regular denim is available commonly with 62” wide.

Most selvage jeans available are for men, mainly because of the tough texture of the fabric, but there are also some styles for women, the difference is on the cut, while men’s jeans are cut on a straight out seam, jeans for women is cut in order for denim to embrace the women’s curves.

“To guarantee the selvage jeans will last you for too long, it is necessary to follow carefully the wash instructions indicated on the labels of the jeans, this will help them maintaining the regular shape of the jeans and their color”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Introduce a Company to New Regions

Introduce a Company to New Regions

How to Introduce a Company to New Regions

Introducing your company to new regions is an important strategy for growing your business. If you offer a product or service that sells successfully in your existing market, you may be able to replicate that success in other regions or in export markets. Although the Internet has made it possible for small businesses to offer products anywhere in the world, market success requires more than a website in multiple languages. 

Step 1

Identify the regions that offer the strongest market opportunities. Look for regions in the U.S. that have similar market profiles but no strong competitors. Research potential export markets where your products or services meet local needs. 

Step 2

Assign expansion responsibilities. Decide how you will market your products in the new regions and who will take responsibility for introducing the company. If you plan to set up a branch in a new region staffed by your own people, select an employee to take responsibility for managing the introduction of the company.

Step 3

Build your knowledge of the important channels to market in the new region. Find out the dates of trade exhibitions relevant to your business. Check the reader data of local newspapers and business magazines to see which publications are suitable for introducing the company through advertising or press releases. Identify local trade associations or business groups that you can use for networking.

Step 4

Ask the U.S. Commercial Service for advice on the most suitable marketing approach to your chosen export regions. Local officers can provide market research and may be able to assist with introductions to influential local buyers or government agencies.

Step 5

Hold a launch event to introduce your company with impact. Invite local prospects to the opening of your new branch or the premises of the local distributor you have appointed. Participate in an important local exhibition or trade event that targets prospects in your market. 

Step 6

Notify local prospects that your company is now open for business in their region. Place an advertisement or send a press release to local newspapers and magazines announcing that your products or services are available locally. Invite local journalists to your launch event to improve media coverage. 

“To gain recognition and acceptance in new regions, you have to introduce your company and your people, as well as your products” commented Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Selling cheap


Selling cheap, not always a good solution

When opening a new business, most people look for a way to have a product that could be accessible on the market, a cheapest one; however, selling cheap is not always a good idea or the best business strategy.

It is very common to think that the cheapest the product is you will sell it more, the real thing is that this will make your production cost higher because you will need to sacrifice the price; therefore, your will need to sale per volume in order to get the real cost of the articles and this is not a good long term strategy.

The risk will always be that somebody else gets lower production costs which will kill your business. It is better to sell a product for 100 dollars than 2 for 50 dollars. People will always prefer to save a little money and will buy your product instead of just go and buy the cheapest one.

Another thing is to become your most demanding client; you need to test your product all the time, make improvements to it, and if these work, add those to your offer. Are you willing to use what you’re selling? Is the quality ok? If not, think twice what you’re doing.

Visit your customers; ask them about their needs and their experience with the product or service. No one still believes on the TV commercials, if your product is good they will tell other people and you will have new customers. Recommendation boosts your sales five times more than a printed marketing.

Grupo Denim, a manufacturing company from Mexico, is a leader on the Mexican market because they sell a lot of denim jeans domestically and abroad, most of the domestic companies think that their prices are really high because they invoice in us dollars and not in Mexican pesos. “We have never been cheap, our prices include the whole service and our quality is guaranteed, this has always been our seal, quality and a great customer service team”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, its president.

Fired? What to do next?


Fired? What to do next after this situation?

Facing the actual economic scenario, companies are making decisions to restructure, which sometimes means to cut their employees. But do you need to do if you get fired?

To lose a job is similar to face a loved lost; there are some stages to go thru, like denial, anger until to get to accept the fact; but, meanwhile you find a new job here are some tips that might help to go thru this process and how to face it.

Manage your emotions

When there are hard situations it is a bunch of emotions going around inside ourselves; therefore, it is not convenient for you to close the doors, and we are not trying to say to hide your sadness or your anger, but negative actions will result into negative consequences.

Do not judge yourself

It is important to take this situation with philosophy, you can also ask for old bosses about how you develop your skills and which your opportunity areas are.

Don’t be alone

Nobody wants to be in this situation, only you can make the decision to get over it and to go on, look for your family support and start looking for a new job leaving behind all the negative feelings.

Be visible

Update your resume and get registered on the main job markets since these are well connected with companies that are looking for new talented people.

Be ready for your next interview

Leave aside your negative feelings and focus on being professional, don’t talk negative comments about the company that you got fired from because this will not be correct for your image.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim also explained that sometimes companies need to cut the employees because of the lack of production. “We have faced sometimes this situations, good employees get fired not because they did a bad job but because of the production decrease, in this case we always try to contact them as soon as the production scenario gets better, sometimes they are still available, sometimes they don’t but we need to keep on dealing with this for the other employees benefit”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.