Dos and don’ts for double denim style

By | June 27, 2016

double denim

Dos and don’ts for double denim style

Many denim lovers have as many garments made of this fabric as possible, shorts, dresses, jeans, shirts, vests, jackets, accessories, everything that comes in denim but do not know how to use two of them on the same outfit, so we prepared this article thinking in them and giving them useful advices for this purpose.

“When it comes to denim, everything is possible, with so many different types of garments made of this fabric, the chances to create new outfits are countless, this fabric is taking more popularity every day and we see more styles out in the streets than ever”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

One of the most basic rules on a double denim style is combining garments of different shades of blue, you can mix a light denim short with a dark blue shirt or vice versa, always keep in mind that the darker colors will give you a slim effect so choose what part of your body you want to give it a nicer proportion.

Another thing to consider for the double denim outfits is that both garments should have the perfect fit, do not mix a baggy pair of jeans with a very fitting shirt, if your jeans are on the skinny style, your shirt should fit you just as well with a slim cut.

There are more garments available in denim for women, so it’s easier for them to get the double denim styles with many different combinations, such as mixing their shirts, vests or jackets with their denim shorts, skirts or jeans.

On the other side, the double denim style for men offers fewer options but they are still quite attractive, such as mixing a pair of skinny jeans with a denim shirt or jacket.

“The great part about having denim garments in your closet is that the more you have, the more chances you will get to make different outfits, the versatility of these garments make them a great choice to wear every day”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.