Shirtdress outfit

By | June 23, 2016


Shirtdress outfit, perfect for this season

A shirtdress is just that, a very long dress that is most considered a dress. It looks exactly like a shirt with buttons all the way down. You can either but this outfit from a store or you can create your outfit by taking maybe your big brother favorite’s shirt.

This outfit is perfect to wear during the spring and summer season to look casual and very simple, so simple that it will looks as if you just get out of bed and forgot to put on your pants.

On the other hand, you can also dress this outfit styled right and you will look very fashionable, chic and cool.

Here are 15 looks for you to choose:

  1. – Denim shirtdress with a hat and sneakers.
  2. – Chambray dress and add a leather jacket.
  3. – Squares printed and slip on sneakers.
  4. – Plain design and combat boots.
  5. – If you don’t like to show off your legs, wear the shirtdress over a pair of denim jeans, just don’t forget to add heels to complete de look.
  6. – Mix prints, the secret is to combine colors.
  7. – Use a scarf instead of a belt.
  8. – Or use a regular belt to define your waist.
  9. – Accessories are the key, a beauty scarf, a printed bag and a cute hat will make you look very chic.
  10. – Striped shirtdress combined with tennis shoes and a denim jacket will make you look very casual.
  11. – Put on a sweater if the weather is kind of cold, and the shirtdress will almost look like a skirt.
  12. – Ankle booties or low heeled will give a chic glamour look.
  13. – Crop top and long boots, contrast colors will make the look.
  14. – Gladiator sandals are also in trend, these will look unexpected with your shirtdress.
  15. – Add a blazer and you will look professional.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, talked about this new outfit: “Denim shirtdresses are much demanded, but it does not surprise me at all, women are always reinvented all kind of outfits”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.