How to combine your jeggings?

By | June 5, 2016

jeggingsHow to combine your jeggings to look stylish

Jeggings are basically similar to the leggings on the stretchy close-fitting, which is what many women are looking for when choosing their bottom garments, except that these are made with similar materials to the jeans, which make them more durable, giving a stylish look that leggings cannot create. We will show you here how to combine your jeggings so that you can make different combinations with them:

  • Tops – One of the most important thing when trying to combine your jeggings is to find the perfect tops so you can create the style you are looking for. Long tops are great for your jeggings to get a dressier look. Other women prefer a casual look and wear tops with their jeggings, if you choose this option, add a form-fitting jacket and you will have a great and young look.
  • Dress – Yes, you can wear dresses with your jeggings, choose the knee-length, tea, wrap or corset dresses, this is an informal and fresh look.
  • Sweaters – If you want to wear your jeggings on winter, you can do it by pairing them with sweaters.
  • Jackets – Combining your favorite jacket with a pair of jeggings is a great choice, complement your whole outfit with a nice blouse and add the necessary shoes and accessories to even turn your look into a casual or formal one.
  • Footwear – One of the most important things when wearing jeggings is to choose the right shoes, the best options are the platforms or high heels as those give you a formal footwear.

“Jeggings are a great option as they offer comfort and are easy to wear, although jeans are still the favorite garment for giving a more stylish look and fitting better, as well as having many different styles and fits for all types of bodies”, thinks Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.