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Dos and don’ts for double denim style

double denim

Dos and don’ts for double denim style

Many denim lovers have as many garments made of this fabric as possible, shorts, dresses, jeans, shirts, vests, jackets, accessories, everything that comes in denim but do not know how to use two of them on the same outfit, so we prepared this article thinking in them and giving them useful advices for this purpose.

“When it comes to denim, everything is possible, with so many different types of garments made of this fabric, the chances to create new outfits are countless, this fabric is taking more popularity every day and we see more styles out in the streets than ever”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

One of the most basic rules on a double denim style is combining garments of different shades of blue, you can mix a light denim short with a dark blue shirt or vice versa, always keep in mind that the darker colors will give you a slim effect so choose what part of your body you want to give it a nicer proportion.

Another thing to consider for the double denim outfits is that both garments should have the perfect fit, do not mix a baggy pair of jeans with a very fitting shirt, if your jeans are on the skinny style, your shirt should fit you just as well with a slim cut.

There are more garments available in denim for women, so it’s easier for them to get the double denim styles with many different combinations, such as mixing their shirts, vests or jackets with their denim shorts, skirts or jeans.

On the other side, the double denim style for men offers fewer options but they are still quite attractive, such as mixing a pair of skinny jeans with a denim shirt or jacket.

“The great part about having denim garments in your closet is that the more you have, the more chances you will get to make different outfits, the versatility of these garments make them a great choice to wear every day”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Wear Leggings Under a Dress


How to Wear Leggings Under a Dress

Whether you’re trying to be a bit warmer, look nicer going to and from the gym or get away with a shorter skirt than usual. 

With so many shoes being more suited to bare feet, and fewer and fewer women wearing hose or tights, knowing how to wear leggings under a dress helps on the days when you don’t want to have completely bare legs. On the face of it, this is easy – simply put on the leggings, toss the dress on over them, and go. You also want to be sure you get the length and style right and don’t look silly when you’re trying to look sophisticated, however.

The basic rule is to keep it simple. If the leggings are a color or pattern you wouldn’t wear as tights, then don’t wear them. Also, remember that this is an inherently modern look. That’s not to say that you can’t wear leggings with a vintage dress, but you should be aware that you will project a mix of styles.

You can wear leggings with almost any dress. There are some things to consider, though:

Dress Length

Short to mid-length: In general, short to mid-length dresses are the ones that work best with leggings. Though you can pair leggings with maxidresses for extra warmth, they won’t add much to your outfit there, and could look a little silly if all you see is a couple of inches of a different color peeking out from below the hem.

Mini skirts look great with leggings because they allow you to display a fun, bright color while looking a little more modest than you would with bare legs. You can sit and stand more easily, without worrying about showing more than you’ve intended.


Any fabric and skirt shape can be flattering with leggings. Stiffer, heavier fabrics like denim and corduroy may work a little better since that’s less likely to cling to the legging material (that can be uncomfortable when you’re trying to walk). One thing to watch out for if you choose a lighter skirt fabric is the waistband of the leggings. Look for flat waistbands so the outline doesn’t show through the skirt, especially if the skirt sits higher on your waist than the leggings do.

“It’s useful to know how to wear leggins under a dress. It’s a casual, fun and modern look that gives plenty of outfits a lot more mileage” said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Shirtdress outfit


Shirtdress outfit, perfect for this season

A shirtdress is just that, a very long dress that is most considered a dress. It looks exactly like a shirt with buttons all the way down. You can either but this outfit from a store or you can create your outfit by taking maybe your big brother favorite’s shirt.

This outfit is perfect to wear during the spring and summer season to look casual and very simple, so simple that it will looks as if you just get out of bed and forgot to put on your pants.

On the other hand, you can also dress this outfit styled right and you will look very fashionable, chic and cool.

Here are 15 looks for you to choose:

  1. – Denim shirtdress with a hat and sneakers.
  2. – Chambray dress and add a leather jacket.
  3. – Squares printed and slip on sneakers.
  4. – Plain design and combat boots.
  5. – If you don’t like to show off your legs, wear the shirtdress over a pair of denim jeans, just don’t forget to add heels to complete de look.
  6. – Mix prints, the secret is to combine colors.
  7. – Use a scarf instead of a belt.
  8. – Or use a regular belt to define your waist.
  9. – Accessories are the key, a beauty scarf, a printed bag and a cute hat will make you look very chic.
  10. – Striped shirtdress combined with tennis shoes and a denim jacket will make you look very casual.
  11. – Put on a sweater if the weather is kind of cold, and the shirtdress will almost look like a skirt.
  12. – Ankle booties or low heeled will give a chic glamour look.
  13. – Crop top and long boots, contrast colors will make the look.
  14. – Gladiator sandals are also in trend, these will look unexpected with your shirtdress.
  15. – Add a blazer and you will look professional.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, talked about this new outfit: “Denim shirtdresses are much demanded, but it does not surprise me at all, women are always reinvented all kind of outfits”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Best colors for your outfits


Which are the best colors for your outfits?

Colors play a very important part to make a perfect outfit, they can transmit emotions, influence on the way other people see us and plays a joyful and therapeutic part, so it is important to choose wisely each color when preparing our wardrobe, and this is something that we will see this time.

“Denim jeans are basic on all wardrobes as they combine with all type of colors, so it is important to have garments made of this fabric as it will make it easier to create the every day’s outfits”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Depending on our hair, eye color or skin, you can choose different colors for your clothes as follows:

  • For blond hair, turquoises and light greens and orange clothes look extra cute
  • For brown hair you can wear red, orange, and dark tones such as gray, black and purple
  • For red hair, light oranges, black and earthly colors are the best option
  • For dark hair we have great news, if you have black hair, any colors will combine perfectly well with you

It is also important to consider your type of skin and eye colors, as this will make it easier for you to pick up the right clothes, when trying on clothes, it is important that you look at the mirror and see how they make you outstand your eyes and skin.

Colors are useful to give a more confident style, knowing how to combine the colors will help you a lot on the fashion game.

“The colors of the clothes we wear influence on the way we feel and we make the other ones feel, so it is important to choose the right colors depending on the occasion to give a good impression”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.

Culottes Jeans

 Culottes jeansCulottes jeans: stylish guide

Culottes jeans arrived in a strong way to the international runways a couple of years ago, but we have just started to seen these on our favorite celebrities just a year ago. Step by step, this jean opened a place in our closets by becoming so popular on the stores.

Culottes are jeans for women, and were born as an alternative to skirt, wide leg and flare finish. They could be sport or formal, rigid fabric or ironed with a center crease perfectly outfit for the office.

We just need to learn how to combine them in order to avoid looking out of place but always perfect instead! We will need to keep an eye of the latest trending and on the clothes that will fit correctly according to our type of body. Like if you’re tall, you may dress culottes for all occasions combined with high heels or sport tennis shoes; however, if you’re a shorty woman, the best thing is that you choose formal culottes combined with high heels because this type of jean make the legs look shorter.

An outfit for the office would be culottes jeans in a black color with a center crease, as if these were casual pants, combined with a stamped or flat t-shirt and a stiletto in a black color or as the same t-shirt color.

For summer, the best color would be the serenity blue or crystal rose and combined them with a crop top in a white color and “ugly” or bomber sandals, also so popular for this season.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim a successful maquiladora in Mexico, explained that there are so much culottes styles on the market that the best option is to try them all in order to find the best choice for you. “Every woman has her own vision of fashion and as I have always said, the best clothing is the one that fits your body and makes you feel comfortable regardless the fashion trending”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


Professional Business Attire for Women

Professional Business

What Is Professional Business Attire for Women?

Professional business attire should convey your credibility and competence, but also reflect some personality without going overboard.

The Basics of Professional Attire

The keys to professional attire start with cleanliness and well-fitting clothes, as well as avoiding inappropriate attire.

  • A suit, no matter how expensive, will always look dishevelled and unprofessional if it is unironed or too tight.
  • As a rule of thumb, skirts should be no shorter than the tips of your fingers.
  • Buttons on your shirt should not gape open when worn.
  • Suits and trousers bought off the rack often do not fit perfectly, so tailoring may be needed for a proper fit.

Determining Your Office’s Dress Code

How you should dress in your office is largely dependent on your company’s dress code and the cultural norms of your office. Companies usually issue employee handbooks with formalized dress codes, and that is also a good starting point to understand what is appropriate to wear in your office.

A good tip is to observe the attire of your supervisors and women who are similar in rank to you in your office for a week or two whenever you start a new job. It is important to pay attention to what they wear on days where there might be an important meeting (when you will typically see the most formal of attire) and ordinary days. Seeing what others wear is the best barometer in determining the appropriate level of formality in your office.

Types of Professional Business Attire

Business Formal

Think of business formal attire as what you would wear to an interview, when you’re giving an important presentation to the CEO, or going to court. It’s the most formal attire one can wear to work

Business Casual

Casual dressing in a business environment is extremely different from a casual outfit that one would wear in non-work settings. Business casual attire is often worn in creative industries and on “casual friday” days.

‘It is important to understand your office’s cultural norms for both business casual and “client-ready” days, as standards differ across states, occupations, and offices’ commented Salomón Juan Marco Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

How to buy high-waisted jeans?

high-waistedHow to buy high-waisted jeans?

Blue jeans have been worn for decades and their popularity seems to be endless, denim lovers are always looking for new designs and fits for their jeans and the high-waisted jeans are a great new fashion on pants for a modern look, refreshing their style.

“Every new season, designers are willing to revolutionize the way of wearing jeans, with new fits, finishes, decoration or types of denim to give new options to the persons who know how important it is to have at least one pair of jeans on their wardrobes and how easy it is to make many different outfits with them”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villareal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

The high-waisted jeans for women were being worn during the 40’s for modesty, when they had to take care of the households during their husbands’ absence, but these types of jeans were back on the 70’s as a new revolution on fashion.

After the 2000’s the high-waisted jeans came back again with a completely different look, with new finishes, washes and different leg styles to make them look completely different from the ones we saw back on the 70’s and 80’s.

There is a difference between high-waisted and high-rise jeans, the latter has a standard waistband on them, which is cut from the waist to the crotch, the waistband on these jeans is slightly above the belly button, while the high-waisted jeans does not have a fly, as this is replaced by a different design, such as a double-buttoned flap, a tie belt, a long button or a wide corset-style waist.

If you have decided to buy your high-waisted jeans, consider that these ones are made for specific types of bodies, keep in mind that these types of pants will draw attention on the stomach and waist.

“The high-waisted jeans are a great alternative to get a stylish silhouette, they are different to the high-rise jeans and give a dressy look if they are combined correctly”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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Summer for men

 summer menSummer for men: The new blazer + white t-shirt

The summer blazer is now the master piece of every look. No matter what happens, this piece finds its way to update its image for every season; this is without a doubt a classic that must be in your closet. It might be a designed piece for a formal look, but forget about the rules and look at it as the new men icon and a fashion key that will be perfect for your days and nights during the summer season.

Do not ever question the power of a blazer, a garment made by men for men, because there’s a summer blazer pattern for every man: 1 button, 2 buttons, double buttons a one or twice opening on the back.

You will only need to take note of these two when choosing a blazer for these months: fiber and color. What define a summer blazer are its fibers, it must be light fiber and fresh but with the perfect body to handle the structure, our recommendation is cotton or linen. The fiber will need to transmit the summer fresh even if it’s printed or plain. We recommend acid colors, like orange or green, grey or pale colors.

A white t-shirt is the king of the clothes to use to combine a blazer look. It will not outshine the summer blazer; it will give a higher style power.  The key is to have a look and turn around the concept of a fall-winter blazer.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, a great businessman from Mexico, shared his preference when using a summer blazer for an informal or formal occasion. “The goal when using a blazer during the summer is to keep the masculine look but with a lighter garment, have a relaxing touch, like summer, and transmit that attitude”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.



Flannel Fabric

Flannel is a light to heavyweight fabric woven as a plain or twill weave that originated in Wales. Some sources claim the name is derived from the Welsh word “gwalen,” which means literally a piece of clothing or material made of wool. Another possible etymological origin of the word is from the Old French “flaine,” which refers to a blanket or coverlet.

Flannel is finished with napping to increase its insulating properties. After the fabric is woven, it is brushed so that the staple fiber ends are loosened from the weave to form a fuzzy surface. Napping also contributes to the soft hand of the fabric.

Flannel may be made from wool, cotton, synthetic fibers, or blends that incorporate a synthetic fiber with a natural fiber to add to the overall strength of the fabric and increase resistance to abrasion. Flannel-back satin refers to a type of silk satin that has spun yarns in the weft (crosswise yarn) and is brushed or napped on the back.

Cotton flannel is made with loosely spun filling yarns to ensure a dense nap. It may be napped on one or both sides. After the untreated fabric or greige goods are napped, the fabric is dyed or printed and finished again by brushing or being run through the napping machine a second time to restore the nap.

Wool flannel may be made of either worsted or woolen yarns, the latter producing a denser nap. It is typically napped on one side only. Flannels made of woolen yarns are usually plain woven, and those made of worsted yarns are usually twill. Worsted flannel is lighter and firmer than woolen and will wear better. Pure wool flannel is a favorable fabric for tailoring because it shapes easily with the use of steam and heat. Wool flannels are used to make trousers, skirts, suits, and coats. French flannel is a variation of wool flannel that has a more fluid drape.

“Cotton flannel fabric that has a napped, or fuzzy, finish on one or both sides. Its soft, cozy feel makes it the perfect fabric to keep you warm and comfy all winter long”, commented Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

How to combine your jeggings?

jeggingsHow to combine your jeggings to look stylish

Jeggings are basically similar to the leggings on the stretchy close-fitting, which is what many women are looking for when choosing their bottom garments, except that these are made with similar materials to the jeans, which make them more durable, giving a stylish look that leggings cannot create. We will show you here how to combine your jeggings so that you can make different combinations with them:

  • Tops – One of the most important thing when trying to combine your jeggings is to find the perfect tops so you can create the style you are looking for. Long tops are great for your jeggings to get a dressier look. Other women prefer a casual look and wear tops with their jeggings, if you choose this option, add a form-fitting jacket and you will have a great and young look.
  • Dress – Yes, you can wear dresses with your jeggings, choose the knee-length, tea, wrap or corset dresses, this is an informal and fresh look.
  • Sweaters – If you want to wear your jeggings on winter, you can do it by pairing them with sweaters.
  • Jackets – Combining your favorite jacket with a pair of jeggings is a great choice, complement your whole outfit with a nice blouse and add the necessary shoes and accessories to even turn your look into a casual or formal one.
  • Footwear – One of the most important things when wearing jeggings is to choose the right shoes, the best options are the platforms or high heels as those give you a formal footwear.

“Jeggings are a great option as they offer comfort and are easy to wear, although jeans are still the favorite garment for giving a more stylish look and fitting better, as well as having many different styles and fits for all types of bodies”, thinks Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.