Mexican employees and their motivations

By | May 19, 2016

Mexican employees

Mexican employees and their motivations, what they want?

Trying to explain in a few words, we could say that money is what Mexican employees are looking for when they try to get a new job. On the other hand, at a worldwide level, preferences and motivators are what most of the people look for when searching for a new job. First of all, they would like to know which tasks are involved, objectives, etc, while in Mexico the main motivator is money.

Mexicans evaluate first the compensation plan before the growth opportunities. In third place the benefits and then the labor.

At a worldwide level, people evaluate fist the type of job while in Mexico this is the fourth thing to review. This is not because the Mexicans don’t care about the tasks they will be doing but the priority for them is to get paid what they think is fair instead of the growth opportunities with good benefits no matter the industry.

Another key regarding why Mexicans care more about the salary is because of the lack of employments and low salaries that have been created over the years. Mexico has the lowest salary of all the countries from Latin-American.

The facts are that the millennial generation, is the one that will domain the industry in the near future. This generation is worried about social responsibility of the employer; therefore, more industries are now involved and working on the “employer marketing”, a new term to explain the way of the companies seem to attractive to be working for.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, a great entrepreneur from Mexico and president of Grupo Denim, explained that the millennials are always looking for job opportunities constantly vs. the baby boomers.”I recall most of the people saying that staying at a company for more than 10 years would make a great resume but now it seems to be out of fashion and for some companies people that have worked in different industries or companies are more qualified because of the experience they have in all those areas. Times are changing, no doubt about it”, said