Choosing Jeans First

By | May 16, 2016

Jeans first

Why choosing  jeans first over any other garments?

If someone would make a quiz in the whole world to determine which would be the most common worn garment, the answer would be more than obvious: a pair of jeans, as this has been an emblematic cloth since it was first popularized on the XX century, so today we will show you how to reinvent, buy, combine and benefit from your jeans.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a company dedicated to manufacture jeans, thinks the following about this topic: “Jeans are more popular each day thanks to the different designs, the new technologies applied to create jeans that last for longer, feel more comfortable and are more accessible to buy, there are really jeans for all styles”.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing jeans over any other type of garments.

  • You do not need to wash them every time you wear them; actually, the less you wash them, the more they will keep their original color.
  • They are never out of fashion, and you should have noticed this already, haven’t you?
  • You can wear them with all of your shoes, as long as the length is the correct one.
  • You can also modify them and they will look as a completely new garment by adding rhinestones, ribbons or fabric paint.
  • There are different compositions for the jeans, not only 100% cotton, which makes them perfect for all type of bodies.
  • It is easy to check on a pair of jeans of good quality, check at the details, such as the hems, if they are perfectly sewn, the jeans are good, except, of course, if the hems are supposed to be torn as part of the design.
  • When you buy a pair of jeans, I would recommend you go by the raw denim, as that is the original one, without chemicals added during the manufacturing process, it might feel a little rigid at the start, but they will last for even longer.

Also remember to buy jeans that are a little bit tight (but just a little), as they will stretch out after you wear them a few times.

“Everyone should have a pair of jeans, this is the perfect garment that one does not get tired of wearing, and for this, it is important to find the perfect pair of jeans, there are many different options for everyone”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.