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Maternity jeans for the third semester

maternity jeansBuying maternity jeans on the third trimester

Buying maternity clothes is definitely a challenge, especially on the third trimester, when the baby bump has grown too much, but today we will show you some useful tips to get some comfortable maternity jeans.

“A good advantage of jeans is that they come in styles for everyone, children, young people, men, women, in different fits and sizes, which makes them a great choice for everyone, no matter what their body type is, maternity jeans offer a comfortable option for new mothers who are looking for an stylish and comfortable outfit”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Some maternity jeans come with elastic belly, which is a great option for women’s comfort, other ones just prefer their low-rise jeans, whatever you choose, make sure it is something you will be able to wear all day long without feeling uncomfortable or fighting a battle when trying to bend over or getting up.

One option for the maternity jeans are the ones done with spandex and cotton, as they are stretchy but are still firm, which make jeans stay on their place, no matter what. When you are picking up these jeans, make sure they are machine washable, as it would make it easier to care for the fabric.

Another great choice for maternity jeans are the skinny leg denim jeans, for those women who are trying to get in a comfortable garment, without losing their style, combine them with a white blouse and a jacket or blazer, which would give you a terrific look.

“Pregnant woven use to have difficult times when trying to find comfortable clothes, but jeans are a great option, as denim is a versatile fabric, it offers comfort, it is easy to handle and jeans comes in many different belly fits and leg cuts, so everyone can get a pair of jeans they would not want to get rid of”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.

Cone Denim

Cone Denim

Cone Denim Purchases Additional Harvest Of US Grown Natural Indigo

Cone Denim is pleased to announce it has purchased the most recently harvested crop of U.S.-grown natural indigo. Natural Indigo Selvage Denim was first introduced by Cone Denim in July 2015 when it partnered with Stony Creek Colors for the exclusive supply of natural indigo dye for denim fabrics. Produced exclusively at the historic White Oak mill in Greensboro, the Natural Indigo Collection has been expanded to include wide-width fabrics in both rigid and stretch. The expanded Collection will be featured at Kingpins New York May 11-12.

“Excitement continues to grow around our Natural Indigo denims,” says Kara Nicholas, Vice President Product Design + Marketing. “Response last year to the first selvage styles was tremendous leading us to expand the collection to include wide denims, and adding a new level of authenticity to contemporary denims. Smaller quantities of Natural Indigo denim are also available through the White Oak Shop online store.”

Cone Denim began scalable production of Natural Indigo denims last year for the first time in over 100 years. The partnership with Stony Creek Colors offers the pinnacle in authentic American denim bringing together the work of US farmers and heritage of White Oaks denim expertise. The supply agreement allows Cone Denim the exclusive rights to Stony Creek Colors’ US crop of natural grown indigo for the next several years.

“Stony Creek Colors continues to advance new technologies for dye crop production, benefiting US farmers while meeting requirements for scalable commercial production,” says Sarah Bellos, Founder and President of Stony Creek Colors. “Innovation in natural indigo goes beyond just developing new methods for extracting color from plants. We remain focused on advancing farming techniques that promote sustainability and efficiency both for the farmer and the mill. Our work of linking US farmers to new chemical markets while bringing renewable color sources to Cone Denim represents a promising development of viable business models across the indigo supply chain.”

“Natural Indigo fabrics are now available in personalized quantities through the White Oak Shop which offers online purchasing of many of Cone Denim’s latest selvage and denim styles as well as tools and information to educate newer designers about the unique intricacies of working with authentic vintage denim” said Salomónn Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Classic icons for summer style


Classic icons for summer style, just so vintage inspired

In fashion, sometimes old is new again and classic is never out of fashion they said. Just think about the obsession with the bohemian 70’s or the reborn of the slip dress. 90’s are also making a comeback into a new generation. Even if we choose specific trends or clothes that make the difference every season, it is actually the people who wear the outfits who really deserve all the credit.

As we are almost into the hottest months, why don’t we take a look to classic icons women for summer inspiration? Remember, just because you are wearing fewer clothes in a so hot weather it doesn’t mean you have to be relegated to a tired denim cut-off and flip flop uniform. Let’s remember these classic icons

Audrey Hepburn

A ribbed short-sleeve striped knit and white short never looked as cute as when she sported them in 1955.

Elizabeth Taylor

Why don’t you try a ruffled white halter bikini top and a high waist pant, these two are a perfect pair.

Diana Ross

Plunging necklines and tie waist skirts that show off your legs will feel light on the skin and “bleed” certain sexiness.

Jackie Kennedy

Channel your inner Jackie with a sleeveless shirt and Bermuda shorts.

Grace Kelly

There are no words, she was a fashion statement icon uniform!

Francoise Hardy

Sometimes just a knit and a white mini skirt are all that you’re looking for.

Grupo Denim, a successful manufacturing company from Mexico is always on the look for vintage styles that could be reinvented with a modern touch. Its president, Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal works with his development team to be always on the top of every season trends in order to give their customers new options before they could even ask them. “For us, our customer comes first, so we are always trying to be one step ahead in developing. Sometimes they even have an idea and come and see our new styles and they rather choose ours, I really have a great team that make things like this happen”, explained Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


Removing stains from your clothes

stains clothes

How to remove stains from your garments

Have you ever had an accident involving your favorite clothes? Of course we all have, stains can make us think of getting rid of our favorite garments, but this is not necessary, as we will give you some valuable tips today to get off those stains from the textiles.

When you wash your garments, the most recommendable thing would always be to follow on the care labels, but you might have some garments that you had cut off those labels, right? If this has happened to you, check on these tips:

  • Wash machine – If your garments can be washed, try with the washing machine before you do any other thing, sometimes the easiest answer is the right one. Add a gentle detergent, there are many chemical-free ones nowadays, try those first.
  • Blotting – If you have wet stains on your garments, you might want to try with this, place a cotton towel under the stain and another one over it, press down until the liquid disappears.
  • Hand wash – There are many delicate garments that cannot be put into a wash machine, and there are stains that will not get off with a wash cycle, in those cases, the hand-washing is the best option, remember not to wring your garments so hard, as this can damage the fibers, instead of doing it, dry them with a towel.
  • Removers – If the stains on your garments will not fade off, try with a stain remover, there are many available on the garment, but first check on the type of stains and if they are removable before you buy it.
  • Peroxide – The hydrogen peroxide is essential for blood stains, wet a cotton ball with it and put it into the spot, let it dry and repeat the process until it is completely removed off your garment.

“It is important to always follow the care labels in order to wash the garments correctly, a pair of jeans can last longer if they are treated and washed in the right away”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Mexican employees and their motivations

Mexican employees

Mexican employees and their motivations, what they want?

Trying to explain in a few words, we could say that money is what Mexican employees are looking for when they try to get a new job. On the other hand, at a worldwide level, preferences and motivators are what most of the people look for when searching for a new job. First of all, they would like to know which tasks are involved, objectives, etc, while in Mexico the main motivator is money.

Mexicans evaluate first the compensation plan before the growth opportunities. In third place the benefits and then the labor.

At a worldwide level, people evaluate fist the type of job while in Mexico this is the fourth thing to review. This is not because the Mexicans don’t care about the tasks they will be doing but the priority for them is to get paid what they think is fair instead of the growth opportunities with good benefits no matter the industry.

Another key regarding why Mexicans care more about the salary is because of the lack of employments and low salaries that have been created over the years. Mexico has the lowest salary of all the countries from Latin-American.

The facts are that the millennial generation, is the one that will domain the industry in the near future. This generation is worried about social responsibility of the employer; therefore, more industries are now involved and working on the “employer marketing”, a new term to explain the way of the companies seem to attractive to be working for.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, a great entrepreneur from Mexico and president of Grupo Denim, explained that the millennials are always looking for job opportunities constantly vs. the baby boomers.”I recall most of the people saying that staying at a company for more than 10 years would make a great resume but now it seems to be out of fashion and for some companies people that have worked in different industries or companies are more qualified because of the experience they have in all those areas. Times are changing, no doubt about it”, said


Advertise your business

advertise business

Ways to advertise your business

You should be doing market research and writing a marketing plan. This includes measuring your efforts and only continuing if it’s working.

Some popular and easy options to consider are:

Use the local press

Consider placing an ad in a local weekly newspaper, that is delivered free around your area. They are read by a wide variety of local people and a big advantage is that advertising in local papers is still quite cheap.

Create and distribute niche flyers

If you focus on a particular area, flyers are a cheap way to advertise. Find someone in your business, or a friend or family member, who can help design the flyer for free or at a low cost, then you can print the flyer in at home and distribute them on bulletin boards and anywhere else your target market may be.

Win over an influential blogger

Find influential bloggers in your industry and ask them to review your product or service in return for a useful and free product and resource for them to use.  The endorsement from an expert in industry can be quite influential. Another option is building your own blog.

Invest in Google AdWords

There is the potential to really increase the amount of customers that visit your business website using Google AdWords if you are have a structured and well planned campaign. A benefit of AdWords is you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

Try social media advertising

Facebook give you the option of being able to target specific demographics. This means you can target people you haven’t reached yet and try to engage them. Even if users don’t always make a purchase due to your Facebook ad, they can still end up ‘liking’ your business, which gives you the opportunity to create a database of potential customers.

Social media advertising is measurable, through insights and other analytics. It’s also ideal for short-term strategies and to generate traffic to your website or other channels.

Create a Google Places listing

If you list your business on Google My Business, it will pop up on Google Maps searches, and give users the opportunity to share reviews and give your business a rating. If you do decide to list your business, make sure you have a Gmail account specific to your business, then start there.

Honest advertising practices

The marketing messages that represent your products or services should be accurate, true and able to be substantiated. Honest advertising practices are governed by law and there are fines for businesses that mislead consumers, whether intentionally or not.

“You don’t have to spend lots of money to advertise and promote your brand. However you should always make sure your advertising considers where your target audience is” added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Choosing Jeans First

Jeans first

Why choosing  jeans first over any other garments?

If someone would make a quiz in the whole world to determine which would be the most common worn garment, the answer would be more than obvious: a pair of jeans, as this has been an emblematic cloth since it was first popularized on the XX century, so today we will show you how to reinvent, buy, combine and benefit from your jeans.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a company dedicated to manufacture jeans, thinks the following about this topic: “Jeans are more popular each day thanks to the different designs, the new technologies applied to create jeans that last for longer, feel more comfortable and are more accessible to buy, there are really jeans for all styles”.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing jeans over any other type of garments.

  • You do not need to wash them every time you wear them; actually, the less you wash them, the more they will keep their original color.
  • They are never out of fashion, and you should have noticed this already, haven’t you?
  • You can wear them with all of your shoes, as long as the length is the correct one.
  • You can also modify them and they will look as a completely new garment by adding rhinestones, ribbons or fabric paint.
  • There are different compositions for the jeans, not only 100% cotton, which makes them perfect for all type of bodies.
  • It is easy to check on a pair of jeans of good quality, check at the details, such as the hems, if they are perfectly sewn, the jeans are good, except, of course, if the hems are supposed to be torn as part of the design.
  • When you buy a pair of jeans, I would recommend you go by the raw denim, as that is the original one, without chemicals added during the manufacturing process, it might feel a little rigid at the start, but they will last for even longer.

Also remember to buy jeans that are a little bit tight (but just a little), as they will stretch out after you wear them a few times.

“Everyone should have a pair of jeans, this is the perfect garment that one does not get tired of wearing, and for this, it is important to find the perfect pair of jeans, there are many different options for everyone”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Administrate your company’s information


How to administrate your company’s information

Your business creates a huge amount of information every day, and knowledge is power, but it is also important to know how to administrate that information, which can create a competitive advantage for any businessman.

“It is important to have a correct system that will administrate the information of a company, so it does not get lost, such as inventory, financial operations, marketing and any valuable data that will allow your business to keep on growing”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, a Mexican entrepreneur, president of Grupo Denim.

These are some action plans that you can do to set a system that will administrate your company’s information:

  • Customer’s information – A happy customer will always come back to your business, and can even recommend your services or products, helping you increase your sales, so it is important to detect what your customers mark, their favorite brand, how often they buy something, this way, you will be able to contact your regular clients and offer them what they need.
  • Inventory – When you establish a business system that will save your information, you will be able to determine your minimum and maximum existence, by predicting what you will need to have in inventory, depending on your sales history, how much a product is sold by month or season, it is important that you have in had what your customers need, remember that if they do not find what they need, it might be possible they do not go back.
  • Delivery times – Administrating your company’s information will always help you to estimate the exact time you require to deliver goods to your customer, depending on their localization, transportation and other factors, it is important to have this information in hand so you can give clear and correct answers to your customers whey they ask you when will they get their products.

“The more information we keep on a company, the fastest we can react to our customers’ needs, times of delivery, and inventories, which will help offering a better service to the customers”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, about this topic.



Hiring, Focus On Personality

Hiring, Focus On Personality

There is nothing more important for a business than hiring the right team. If you get the perfect mix of people working for your company, you have a far greater chance of success. However, the best person for the job doesn’t always walk right through your door.

Personality is the key. It is not something that always comes out in interview  people can be shy. But you have to trust your judgement. If you have got a slightly introverted person with a great personality, use your experience to pull it out of them. It is easier with an extrovert, but be wary of people becoming overexcited in the pressure of interviews.

You can learn most jobs extremely quickly once you are thrown in the deep end. Within three months you can usually know the ins and outs of a role. If you are satisfied with the personality, then look at experience and expertise. Find people with transferable skills you need team players who can pitch in and try their hand at all sorts of different jobs. While specialists are sometimes necessary, versatility should not be underestimated.

If you hire the wrong person at the top of a company, they can destroy it in no time at all. Promoting from within is generally a good idea as the employee who is promoted will be inspired by the new role, already know the business inside out, and have the trust and respect of their team.

When companies go through growth spurts, they often hire in bulk and company culture can suffer. While it may seem a desperate rush to get somebody through the door to help carry the load, it is worth being patient to find the right person, rather than hurrying and unbalancing your team.

“The first thing to look for when searching for a great employee is somebody with a personality that fits with your company culture. Most skills can be learned, but it is difficult to train people on their personality. If you can find people who are fun, friendly, caring and love helping others, you are on to a winner” added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.


New mothers

New mothers

New mothers, how are they in the present?

A new maternity

They reject the idea of a woman being a superwoman, they are capable of taking several roles but do not feel guilty if they cannot accomplish every single thing; therefore, they ask for help. Women know that their children are their responsibility but they also look to have time on their own so they can enjoy life.

Rolling change

They are still the key figure of the family, but do not play the same roll. The home tasks are shared with their husbands so they are less frustrated, now they are in the working environment and not just housewives. Nowadays, women wait to have children because they care about their career, social life and independence.

They fight for equality and reconciliation

My children or my career? They want both and they do everything that is on their hands to have what they want. Actual mothers are informed, they know the best benefits on health and nutrition, this explains the success of blogs about decoration, cooking, fashion, traveling, education, pregnancy, etc.

They are creative

When having little kids and crisis gets to our pockets, creativity grows and mothers become a fan of “do it yourself”, they take classes of baking, decoration, parties organization and share results on face book and instagram, they also follow other mothers because they like their style.

Green and active mothers

Actual mothers know they need to protect the environment so they teach their kids to recycle and reuse. They also like to have outdoor activities like running.

In a recent interview with Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, he explained that actual mothers are the real chief at home and that there are successful entrepreneur women also that fight everyday to accomplish their dreams. “Women are the best men that a company could have, they are always innovating and working one step ahead, they are just great”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.