Make Jeans For Girls At Home

By | April 30, 2016

jeans for girls

How to make jeans for girls at home

If you have ever tried to make jeans at home, or if you want to try on do it, you would notice that making them for little girls is a little more difficult than making any other type of jeans, but today we will show you some easy steps to make them.

  • Choose the right fabric – Make sure you choose thick cotton denim; the color must be navy, not to light, as this will help the original fabric color to stay for more time and the color will not wash off easily.
  • Buy a golden thread – A bright gold thread is needed to make the stitches and hems, you can hand sew your jeans but it will be easier if you use a sewing machine.
  • Take measures – Take your little girl’s measures with a measuring tape, with those measures, you can buy the pattern to make your jeans on a cloth store.
  • Wash and dry – Before you start making the jeans, it is important to wash and let the fabric dry, this will pre-shrink it and it will be easier for you to handle it.
  • Cut the pattern pieces – After this is done, set them under the denim with pins, and then cut the fabric pieces.
  • Follow the pattern – Your pattern will direct you as to how to sew the cut pieces.
  • Turn down the fabric – You will join the pieces and sew them on the reverse.
  • Iron the pieces – Every time you cut the fabric, you can press them with the iron.
  • Add details – Once the pieces are sewn, add the button and zipper.
  • Try on the finished garment – Once the jeans are ready, ask your little girl to try them on with her shoes on, you will measure the length easier this way.
  • Make the hem – Once you know the length, you should make the hem, iron it and sew it.

You can also add different details to the jeans such as ribbons or patches.

“Including your children on activities is a great idea to be more together as a family, if you are planning to do something new, make sure you ask them for their opinion, they will have fun and will enjoy being part of your projects”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.