Effortless look

By | April 30, 2016

Effortless look

How to get an effortless look

Have you ever heard about the “effortless look”? It consists on being able to get and outfit that would like it was not done intentionally, as it you had pulled out of your wardrobe whatever you found first but you could still be perfectly combined, relaxed and beautiful, and today we will show you the best way of being able to get that look.

“Fashion changes constantly, many persons are looking for new ways to combine their clothes and the effortless look is one of those options and a perfect alternative are a pair of jeans, as those are great to combine with everything”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

If you want to get that effortless look that is being used now, here are some basic advices:

  • Make friends with the neutral colors, it is easier to combine your outfit faster.
  • The fit of our top garments is not as important as feeling comfortable, so always keep this in mind when choosing your clothes.
  • You will also need the perfect pair of jeans that you will only be able to find after you have tried on many, once you found them, keep them in your wardrobe, they will be basic for the effortless look, and they combine perfectly with basic clothes.
  • As for the accessories, a pull that will drag stares will be perfect, it does not have to be too big, or have a striking color, and as soon as it looks cute it will complement your outfit just right.
  • The makeup is an important as the rest of your outfit, the less you put on, the best it will be for your whole look.

“We live in a demanding and fast epoch, everyone has to run to be on time everywhere, so the effortless look is an option to look good without spending too much time trying to find the perfect outfit for every occasion”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.