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Make Jeans For Girls At Home

jeans for girls

How to make jeans for girls at home

If you have ever tried to make jeans at home, or if you want to try on do it, you would notice that making them for little girls is a little more difficult than making any other type of jeans, but today we will show you some easy steps to make them.

  • Choose the right fabric – Make sure you choose thick cotton denim; the color must be navy, not to light, as this will help the original fabric color to stay for more time and the color will not wash off easily.
  • Buy a golden thread – A bright gold thread is needed to make the stitches and hems, you can hand sew your jeans but it will be easier if you use a sewing machine.
  • Take measures – Take your little girl’s measures with a measuring tape, with those measures, you can buy the pattern to make your jeans on a cloth store.
  • Wash and dry – Before you start making the jeans, it is important to wash and let the fabric dry, this will pre-shrink it and it will be easier for you to handle it.
  • Cut the pattern pieces – After this is done, set them under the denim with pins, and then cut the fabric pieces.
  • Follow the pattern – Your pattern will direct you as to how to sew the cut pieces.
  • Turn down the fabric – You will join the pieces and sew them on the reverse.
  • Iron the pieces – Every time you cut the fabric, you can press them with the iron.
  • Add details – Once the pieces are sewn, add the button and zipper.
  • Try on the finished garment – Once the jeans are ready, ask your little girl to try them on with her shoes on, you will measure the length easier this way.
  • Make the hem – Once you know the length, you should make the hem, iron it and sew it.

You can also add different details to the jeans such as ribbons or patches.

“Including your children on activities is a great idea to be more together as a family, if you are planning to do something new, make sure you ask them for their opinion, they will have fun and will enjoy being part of your projects”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Effortless look

Effortless look

How to get an effortless look

Have you ever heard about the “effortless look”? It consists on being able to get and outfit that would like it was not done intentionally, as it you had pulled out of your wardrobe whatever you found first but you could still be perfectly combined, relaxed and beautiful, and today we will show you the best way of being able to get that look.

“Fashion changes constantly, many persons are looking for new ways to combine their clothes and the effortless look is one of those options and a perfect alternative are a pair of jeans, as those are great to combine with everything”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

If you want to get that effortless look that is being used now, here are some basic advices:

  • Make friends with the neutral colors, it is easier to combine your outfit faster.
  • The fit of our top garments is not as important as feeling comfortable, so always keep this in mind when choosing your clothes.
  • You will also need the perfect pair of jeans that you will only be able to find after you have tried on many, once you found them, keep them in your wardrobe, they will be basic for the effortless look, and they combine perfectly with basic clothes.
  • As for the accessories, a pull that will drag stares will be perfect, it does not have to be too big, or have a striking color, and as soon as it looks cute it will complement your outfit just right.
  • The makeup is an important as the rest of your outfit, the less you put on, the best it will be for your whole look.

“We live in a demanding and fast epoch, everyone has to run to be on time everywhere, so the effortless look is an option to look good without spending too much time trying to find the perfect outfit for every occasion”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.

Tax Advantages

Tax Advantages

Tax Advantages of a Corporation

There are several tax advantages available to corporations: 

Medical insurance for families may be fully deductible.

Retirement plans, such as a tax-deferred trust can be set up as fringe benefit and may be tax deductible for the corporation.

Losses are fully deductible for a corporation, whereas an individual running a sole proprietorship must prove there was a profit motive before deducting losses.

Profits can be left in the corporation for further expansion of the business, and this could have tax advantages.

With a corporation, only salaries (and not profits) are subject to self-employment, or similar, taxes. This can save you thousands of dollars per year if salaries and profits are structured properly.

Corporate Taxes and Small Businesses

Many small business owners take all profits out as salaries to avoid double taxation and state corporate income tax. However, there are rules requiring that salaries be reasonable. If a stockholder’s salary is deemed to be too high relative to his or her job, the salary may be considered to be partially a dividend and subject to double taxation.

Leasing Assets to Your Corporation

Leasing assets you own to the corporation is a tool many people use to reduce their overall tax liability. For example, leasing your personal vehicle to the corporation isn’t uncommon.

When you lease assets to a corporation, the business pays a lease or rental fee and you claim the rental income. Doing this allows you as the lessor to deduct certain costs, such as maintenance and repairs, on your taxes. You may be eligible to set up a lease with your corporation if you meet the following criteria:

You must draw up a formal, valid lease agreement. You should treat the leasing agreement as you would with an unrelated party, not specifically for your corporation.

The rental amount you establish must be fair. In other words, you can’t charge anything you want. It has to be reasonable and in line with what’s being charged for similar assets in your area.

To get the most out of these advantages you should speak with an attorney or tax professional to set up a tax structure that works for your business says Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Office clothing


Office clothing, what you should never use

Dress up for work might be a challenge because sometimes you just don’t know what to wear and then comes the mistakes and you get dressed for a different occasion instead of going to work, like going to a party, visiting an aunt or a weekend at the beach.

Image plays an important role and choosing the right outfit will be to have a balance between professionalism and femininity but this could be more stressful than facing your boss. These are some clothes that you should never use:

 Fitted clothes.– Short skirts are for parties so try to avoid them so you can feel comfortable during the working hours.

Pants .- Do you work at the gym? Did you go to the park and then directly to the job from there? Your image will be poor and unhealthy.

Platform heels.- Leave them for parties or weddings and choose high heels up to 15 centimeters, your feet will thank you so much.

Beach sandals.- Forget it, and never ever use this type of shoes for work, it does not matter how fancy they look; they will cause a bad impression.

Skirts.- Never use them short, try them to be mid-calf and not so adjusted. Even if your legs are beautiful, the office is not the right place to show them.

See-through clothing.- Do you really would like to show that much? Not only your underwear will be visible but you will show more than needed.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, talked about the dressing code at the office and he thinks that this is now too much flexible, there are casual sport clothes or Friday dressings that only confuse women. “I think women need to stop worry about their daily outfit and just get back to the contemporary dress code, they will always be safe with those clothes”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Denim Outfits

Denim Outfits

Giving new twists to your denim outfits

You for sure have more than a garment made of denim, don’t you? And it is mainly because there are so many new styles on different type of garments that it seems impossible not to join to this fashion revolution, where denim seems to be more popular each day, so today we will show you new ways to combine different outfits with the denim garments that you have in your wardrobe.

“Denim is one of the most used and popular fabrics nowadays because it is a pretty durable textile, easy to wear and take care of and very combinable, which makes more people to start wearing more garments made of this fabric each day”, said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a Mexican manufacturer company.

Here are some looks from runways that you could easily wear on your outfits:

  • West style – The classic jeans look hotter when you wear them with a West style, you can combine them with a jacket, a hat and leopard print boots.
  • Distressed classic – Distressed jeans have never been out of fashion, if you have a pair, you should never get rid of them, just remember that even when destruction looks great on them, it does not have to be so big that your whole leg will be visible. Combine them with metallic accessories and some cool sunglasses.
  • Vest Interest look – Do you have a denim vest? You have the perfect accessory to complete your outfit, you can combine this garment with almost everything, a black skirt and a white blouse, a floral dress, a pair of jeans with a colorful blouse, you choose.
  • Jump-in – Denim lovers know it is never enough and designers have found new ways to wear denim on garments, a proof of this are the denim jumpers, combine them with gladiator sandals, you should not stop trying this look.
  • From bottom to top – Another great way to look great is to combine your denim garments with other ones that look similar to this fabric, the tone of blue might vary, as you are free to play with the tones.

“No doubt, denim is a basic fabric, and it is timeless and adaptable to all type of garments, there are really many reasons to have more than one garment made with this textile at home,”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


Dollar’s influence in Mexico


How does the change on dollar influence on the Mexican industries?

The change on the dollar’s cost generates different type of reactions that can either benefit or affect different industries at Mexico, which is the neighboring country with a very closed business relationship. Today we will explain further how different sectors in Mexico are influenced.

“Mexico has many business relationships with U.S. companies, so everything that happens between both countries influences their economies, fortunately, that intimate relationship has helped both countries support each other during difficult times and help each other grow on their greatest times”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a Mexican manufacturer company.

Here are some of the most important Mexican sectors and how they are influenced by the change of dollar’s price:

  • Textile – Companies dedicated to textile and cloth manufacturing have implemented increases on prices as it is not possible to absorb the whole costs that these changes have caused, especially when they import or buy raw materials that are invoiced in dollars.
  • Maquiladoras – Many of them have tried to substitute imported supplies by local ones, as the ones coming from USA have increased, while maquiladoras have been absorbing these costs in order to not increase the final prices to their customers.
  • Financial – The national banking sector does not seem to have risks, as their financings are mostly done with low interest rates.
  • Supermarkets – The dollar’s price change has not affected the basic consumer products, mainly because the products sold on the national market are produced in Mexico.

“Mexico has a strong and solid economy, the change on the dollar’s price will of course influence on different sectors, but one of the main advantages of Mexico’s current economy is that it is able to get over obstacles and hard times, as we could have possibly not been able years ago”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

What is to be seen on 2016?


What is to be seen on 2016 for fashion, beauty and health?

There no better way of change than having a look make over! Here are the most important tendencies for any style that will help you choose a new look!!


For 2016 there will be not only one color, but two colors along the year: rose and serenity, which will give romantic and female touches that will highlight the beauty and outfit on every woman.

Effortless chic and mod style will continue on the favorite list of the street style. Another tendency will be the turtleneck, the ponchos, boots, big coats and A cut skirts.


2016 has a start hairstyle and that is the Back In, consisting of putting your hair inside your sweater or top, making much volume and a relax touch to your face. Another beauty trend that is here to stay is the metallic; it can be on your eyes, lips or nails. The strobbing is also another trending that stands out your factions in a natural way using the light or you may also want to try the glass nails; this technique gives a litmus effect to your nails.


No matter your age, or your occupation, the stress has become a part of every person. We recommend the mindfulness technique that is so popular around the world, it does not also change your life perspective but it will also eliminate the anxiety and depression, among other negative feelings.

As a president of Grupo Denim, Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal not only cares about his look but he also cares about his health. “Most of the fashion and health tips are for women but men are starting to take vitamin supplements to have a better life, exercise is also a great choice”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal while taking a walk in the park.

Skirts For Women

Trendy Skirts For Women

Trendy Skirts For Women

This spring, break into your feminine side and experience the variety and versatility of trendy clothes. Women have been wearing different styles of skirts for decades and this year is no different. Womens casual wear today is so easy to utilize the even if you are not a fashion diva, you can figure out these trends and look great doing it.

Next on the list for trendy skirts for women is of course the mini in general. This length of skirt is one that many women are flocking too, even women who are a bit hesitant in regards to its ultra-short length. You will quickly see this spring that the knee length skirt is heading out of style and the mini is back and here to stay. What this means is more skin and sexy styles that you may not think you can pull off. The beauty of the mini skirt is that it can easily be paired with your favourite pair of leggings in order to keep yourself concealed and still pull off a great style.

Miniskirts can be found in a variety of different fabrics, styles, colors and patterns and because they are so popular this year the options are endless. One of the most popular styles with the mini this year is animal prints and bold colors. This may seem like an extremely bold look but it can easily be toned down with a neutral top.

Womens casual clothing this year is hot, simple and sexy. This is a unique combination that goes one step further by being affordable as well.

“Designer clothes for women by Grupo Denim are made of extremely high quality and available to everyone. Casual wear today has taken on a new meaning and this year when it comes time to rejuvenate your closet”, said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.