Men in style

By | March 30, 2016

Men in style

Men in style, how to be a dandy

Being a dandy or a men in style is not that simple as it looks. It does not take to have clothes of the most famous brands, it really takes more than that, and it is a touch that says that you’re authentic, even if the clothes you’re wearing are expensive or cheap. Call it presence or elegance but not the whole world has it and only a few can enjoy the privileges.

This time we would like to help you to become a man style, here are some conditions that you will need to accomplish:

  1. Moderation

A gentleman must avoid all kind of excess when dressing so he does not look ridículos. Moderation and temperance are good qualities that a closet will thank as the years go by.

  1. Order

A gentleman that appreciates himself must have an organized closet, showing that he takes care to every detail of his clothes. He will win respect and admiration from his friends by doing this.

  1. Effort

Easy things do not last long and because of this, a dandy must do whatever it takes to obtain the aspect he wants.

  1. Discretion

A gentleman is known by his discretion and he talks only when he’s got something important to say. He will always dress according to the occasion. 

  1. Clean look

Carefree look is a don’t for him, now the man pays attention to look clean and to everything he belongs.

  1. Loyalty

Through the years, comes responsibility and this takes to be loyal. A dandy must learn to choose the brands that he will be purchasing most of the time.

“As a president of Grupo Denim, I realized that I became a model for some people so I really care about my look and I always dress according to the occasion”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.