Behind the scenes denim jeans

By | January 28, 2016

behind the scenes

Behind the scenes denim jeans, a whole manufacturing process

We all love to wear denim jeans; everybody says it is because of the comfort, because they want to look fashion, etc. . . . Now we see denim even on the runways, when it was originally used to dress mine workers & cowboys. Right now there’s no other trending that could replace denim, at least all brands keep on designing and developing new styles, there seems to be no end.

But, what’s behind the scenes before we get a pair of jeans in our hands? Well, there’s a dedicated team in each manufacturing company that works together through all the different processes:

  1. Development. – Customer sends a selected style or design, fabric is also specified and a pattern is issued.
  • Leg panels are sewn in order to set a wash & finishing processes.
  • 1 proto garment is sewn for measurement confirmation purposes.
  • If measurements are approved, paper pattern is released.
  • Proto garment along with a quote sheet is sent to the customer.
  • If the proto garment is approved, customer releases production.
  1. Production. – Customer sends production orders specifying style and sizes to be produced and the process begins: cutting, sewing, laundry, finishing, packing and shipping to the final destination previously requested, usually a distribution center from the customer.

Grupo Denim is a leading manufacturing and certified company, that follows the highest standards in quality; as a result, they work with the best brands in the market. “We have become as an extension for our partners, they trust us because we have shipped for many years finished goods that meet their specifications, our worldwide customer service depts. are always there to support them in case of any inconvenience. Our development team is always looking for new trending and we share our designs and ideas with our clients, we have built a great partnership”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.